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Cody Becker

Co-Owner / Installer at Shore Tint & More

"I am here to help you bring your business to the next level with Tint Wiz!"

Cody Becker

Tint Wiz user since 2019 most familiar with XPEL / Express / CoolVu

My experience using Tint Wiz has been phenomenal. It has completely streamlined our business and has helped us grow at an exponential rate. It has helped us stay organized and made us more efficient in our day to day operations.

I love the customer profile aspect. Being able to customize and attach pictures about a specific project makes marketing a lot easier. It allows you to keep a customers information in one easy to use profile no matter how many projects or services they have.

I use the project attachment feature the most. I found it to be great because of how diverse it can be. We attach and tag damage we find on vehicles, we take before and after pictures of the projects. Tagging pictures allows you to sell more efficiently by showing examples of projects you have completed!

I am here to help you bring your business to the next level with Tint Wiz!

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Frequently asked questions

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I'm new to Tint Wiz. Why would I want to work with a Coach?

Having a coach gives you access to personalized recommendations and guidance from fellow Tint Wiz users. Match with a coach that has the experience and teaching style you're looking for.

Tint Wiz has tons of free resources. Why would I want to pay for a Coach's help?

A Coach is for someone looking for personal, one on one help and guidance getting started or improving their skillset. When you hire a coach you are getting access to their personal wisdom and experience using Tint Wiz.

How do I find a Coach to help me?

Click to see our directory of Coaches
Once you find a coach you'd like to work with, you can contact them directly using one of the means provided in their profile.

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I've been using Tint Wiz for a while. Why would I want to work with a coach?

Even Tint Wiz veterans can benefit from working with a Tint Wiz Coach. Securing a Coach to guide, advise, and improve your process can help you spot your obstacles, amplify your results.

How much does it cost to work with a Coach?

It varies based on the Coach and the services offered. Your first step is to find a Coach near you, then contact them to determine the services they offer.

Do Coaches work for Tint Wiz?

No, coaches are Tint Wiz users with experience using Tint Wiz for their own business as well as guiding others through the program.

How can I become a Coach?

Being a Coach is right for you if you are passionate about Tint Wiz and really want to share that with others. Click here to apply

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