Get Started with Tint Wiz

Let us show you how to get started

We’re here to ensure that you take advantage of everything Tint Wiz has to offer your business
Follow these simple 5 steps to start using Tint Wiz today:

1. Get the Tint Wiz App

Get the Tint Wiz app for your phone and tablet by going to the app store and downloading it for free. (Apple iOS and Android)

You can also use Tint Wiz from a computer or any device at


2. Create Your Account

Create your Tint Wiz account with only your name and email address. No payment info needed.

After enjoying your 30 day free trial, manage your account by going to Settings -> Subscription


3. Set Up Your Business

Once you’ve logged into your new account, go to Settings by clicking your icon on the upper right of the app.
Once you’re in Settings, click into Staff, Info, and Configuration
Staff is where you’ll invite your coworkers to create their own username. Click into Staff and then click “Invite New Member”. You’ll use their name and email to send them the invitation.
Info is where you’ll add your logo, company name, address, phone number, email address which is used through out your account in automated texts and emails, proposals, and invoices.
Configuration is where you can customize your proposals, invoices, calendar and more.


4. Start Adding Customers

Customer info can get into Tint Wiz two ways:
Lead Capture feature in Tint Wiz lets you automatically capture leads from your website, social media sites, and more.
Click “Add Contact” and type the persons information.

Watch this video to see how a contact is added and then a project is created.



5. Create a Project for the Customer

Create a project for that contact by pressing “Create Project”
Select the project type: Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Marine
Press “Create Project” to save


Projects consist of:

Events / Appointments – schedule installations, consultations, any type of event. You can schedule as many events for a project as you need to, optionally assigning the event to yourself or a coworker. Your customer will automatically get an appointment confirmation by text message and email.
Measurements – enter the width and height measurements of residential, commercial and marine windows. Square Foot is automatically calculated for you and these measurements will transfer over to the proposal and invoice making both quick to make and effortlessly detailed.
Tint Applications – in an automotive project, once the customer picks their film and shade you can select it in Tint Applications. The selected tint applications will automatically appear on the invoice for the customer’s record.
Inventory – select the roll of film you’re using for that project and record the film usage either by entering your cuts or weighing the film.
Services – setup canned services for absolutely everything your business offers. For projects that don’t require sending a proposal, simply select the appropriate services for the project and go straight to creating an invoice. For projects that do require sending a proposal, use services to quickly build the proposal. Approved services will automatically reflect on the invoice.
Proposal – each project can have one proposal and that proposal can have as many solutions (options) as you’d like. You can give your customers good, better, best type solutions in the proposal where they’ll pick one of the options. Or you can select “allow select together” on the solution which makes it an option the customer can select along with another option.
Extra solutions are a perfect upsell opportunity to present additional options the customer may not know about. Upload pictures to your proposal solutions to really set yourself apart from other bids.
Project Price – is automatically populated from approved services or an approved proposal. You can also manually set your project price.
Invoice – quick and easy to send because the info for the invoice is all populated from the project. Apply partial or full payments of any kind and send the receipt through email with just a couple clicks.
If you’ve integrated Tint Wiz with Quickbooks online, when saving the invoice in Tint Wiz, the customer and invoice is automatically created in your Quickbooks. When a payment is applied to the invoice in Tint Wiz, the payment is automatically applied to the Quickbooks invoice as well.
Project Attachments – attach before and after pictures and videos as well as artwork, contracts, absolutely files you want to store with the project. Quickly reference those files anytime you need. Use “tags” to create a sortable gallery in the Uploads section of your Tint Wiz.
Project Notes – quickly and easily save all notes regarding a project. Use notes as a way to communicate with coworkers and create reminders by selecting “Create Task” and assign to yourself or a coworker. You can also create a task without assigning it to anyone which creates a “pending task”. Pending Tasks can be “taken” by any admin which makes the task theirs.


You are now ready to create your first contact in Tint Wiz

Once you’ve created the contact, you’ll add a project for the contact and then create and send a quote, or schedule a consultation or installation.


Watch these videos to learn more:

How to use Services in Tint Wiz
Maximize Your Sales and Time with Canned Proposals in Tint Wiz
How to Quote Home Window Tinting using Tint Wiz



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