5 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Service and Increase Sales

Customer service is more important now than ever; to many it is even more important than price. To get the right experience, customers are actually willing to pay more. And for the wrong experience, well … the ripple effect can go far beyond a lost sale. If you want to make strides today, you really do have to place the customer on a pedestal.


Here are 5 simple ways you can improve customer service and increase your window tint sales.


Respond Quickly – When an inquiry comes in, the clock starts ticking. A quick reply gives an immediate positive impression to the customer showing that you are responsive and available to help them, which is certainly something everyone appreciates.
How quickly you respond may be the difference whether or not the customer calls another tint company for another quote. Stop and think just how big of a impact that can make.
It’s simple: Phone rings, pick it up. Missed the call? Call it back. Lead comes in from your website, call it. If you don’t get an answer, send a text message, then an email.
Don’t Assume – You may think you can tell the difference between a serious customer and a tire kicker. You can’t. You may be correct sometimes, but you’ll also be wrong others. Treat every single inquiry with the same attention and respect; only good things will follow. Such “good things” include positive online reviews, more referrals, and sales.
Ask Questions – Customers call because they are hoping you will have the solution for what they are looking for. Before you unload all of your tint knowledge and pricing, ask them what they are looking for. Knowing what is important to them will better equip you to make the sale and exceed their expectations.
Educate – The best customer service builds trust. Taking your time to explain the ins and outs will immediately establish you as the expert with the solution to their problem. You will stand out to them as exceptional, especially if they speak to other tint shops that give a price and rush them off the phone.
Be Extra Extra Polite – Being polite has an incredibly high return on investment. It literally costs nothing to be polite and adds a huge amount of value to your customer … so don’t just be polite, be extra extra polite.
Whether you’re following up with a lead, reminding a customer of an upcoming appointment, or sending an invoice after a job is done, customer communication is the core of exceptional customer service.