If You’re Not Using a CRM System for Your Window Tint Business You’re Wasting Time and Money

If you run a window tint business one of the most important things you have to do is generate leads, convert them into actual customers, and then keep them coming back for more. However, when you’re busy with all the other things your window film business requires, the last thing you need to be doing is manually entering customer information into a database, manually sending followup emails to leads and clients, manually recording customers sales and interactions, manually creating invoices, or manually booking appointments.
Luckily, we have technology to make all that easier. With Tint Wiz, you can automate all sorts of essential data management, sales, and marketing tasks, so you can streamline and grow your window film business without having to waste precious time on tedious data entry and inefficient workflows.


What is CRM for Window Tint Business?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a system that businesses of all types use to manage contacts, foster relationships with customers or potential customers, engage in successful marketing, and track leads through the sales pipeline all the way to invoice.
The idea behind CRM has its origins in the 1970s and 1980s, when companies first started conducting surveys, collecting customer data, and analyzing it to help improve sales. By the early 1990s, software companies began developing dedicated CRM applications that automated the collection and sorting of customer data, as well as a number of other tasks. These applications became more advanced as technology improved. But because they required a lot of in-house computing power, they were only available to larger, more established businesses .
Luckily, today those technological limitations no longer exist. Instead of buying copies of a program and installing it on an office full of computers, we buy subscriptions to powerful cloud-based apps like Tint Wiz, that can run on a single laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere. As a result, now all businesses can afford cutting edge CRM tools that can kickstart exponential growth.
Today’s CRM platforms can do more than anyone had ever dreamed. And that brings us to Tint Wiz.


Best Window Tint Shop Management App / Software

The Tint Wiz platform was designed to streamline customer relationship management and sales so you can get a lot more done in a lot less time.
With Tint Wiz, you can easily add and update contacts, record every communication and interaction so you know exactly where customers or potential customers are in the sales pipeline. You can also see customer details and easily call up a history of all meetings, payment, quotes, conversations, etc. Plus contact segmentation lets you apply tags to contacts and projects so you can sort customers and projects and create custom demographics and export lists.
Need an easy way to create web forms or landing pages and generate automatic quotes and invoices? Tint Wiz can do it.


Go ahead, take a test drive.

Tint Wiz offers a completely free 30 day trail, no payment info required. You’ll only need your name and email address to create an account and get started.
If you’re a window tinter your time is extremely valuable. Don’t spend it doing things that Tint Wiz can do faster and more efficiently. So take a look at Tint Wiz today, and see how it can help your business.