Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro

Kavaca Window Tint is a window film first introduced by Ceramic Pro at the SEMA 2020 virtual experience. Now just a few months later, Kavaca Window Tint is making it’s way to Ceramic Pro dealers.

Types of Kavaca Window Tint

Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro currently has 2 series of window film available, Kavaca IR and KAVACA CS. The Kavaca CS line has two sub-series available, Kavaca CS Black and KAVACA CS Charcoal.

What is Kavaca CS Window Tint

Kavaca CS, also known as Kavaca Carbon Color Stable Window Tint Film is described by Ceramic Pro as the “Ultimate Nano-Carbon Heat Rejection Film”
From Ceramic Pro’s website: “KAVACA Carbon CS is the Ultimate Comfort in dyed window films. Developed with a proprietary formulation of nano-carbon technology to deliver excellent color stability without sacrificing clarity.
The heat rejection, glare control and UV protection accomplished through nano-scaled carbon particles is metal-free, supporting signal clarity for all types of electronic devices. KAVACA Carbon CS lets you customize your car with any of the 4 shades offered, without a loss in heat rejection with clear VLT’s. KAVACA Carbon CS’s advanced technology offers a non-reflective, color stable finish that will not fade over time.


What is Kavaca IR Ceramic Window Tint

The IR in the name Kavaca Ceramic IR stands for “infrared”, named IR because according to Ceramic Pro’s website, the Kavaca IR window film blocks up to 97% of infrared heat.
“Utilizing our proprietary nano ceramic technology, we’ve been able to create window tint film that blocks up to 97% of infrared heat – giving you the ultimate indoor cabin experience.”


Kavaca Window Tint Roll Sizes and Shades

The Kavaca IR is available in 05%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 55%, 70% shades, with 05% being the darkest and 70% being the lightest. The % is how much light passes through the film, so the lower the number, the less light passes through, which results in a darker shade.
The 40″ width roll is available in all the shades. A 60″ roll of Kavaca IR is currently offered in only the 15%, 25%, and 70% shade. The larger roll is necessarily for specific vehicles with extra large windows such as a Tesla Model 3 back window or a Tesla Model X front windshield. The larger width film is needed to tint exceptionally large vehicle windows without a seam.
The Kavaca CS Black and Kavaca CS Charcoal are both available in 05%, 20%, 35%, 55% in a 40″ roll and also offered in a larger 60″ roll in just the 20% and 35% shade.

Kavaca Window Tint Training

Ceramic Pro recently held their first Kavaca window tint training session in San Diego with Sean Roche from Window Film Warriors. Sean brings experience comes from not only running his own window tint shop in New York, but also from teaching others to tint via his YouTube channel which has amassed over 28,000 subscribers and over 5.5 million views his YouTube channel – Window Tint Warriors

For more information on Ceramic Pro Kavaca window films visit:
Website: https://ceramicpro.com
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