Should You Include Measurements on Flat Glass Quotes / Proposals?

A customer calls you for window film and you schedule a consultation so you can measure the windows, provide samples films to the customer, and answer any questions.
Should you include the measurements on the quote or only provide the price and film option?
There are two general schools of thought on this one.
Providing the measurements shows the customer the exact scope of work, what you measured and helps the better understand the cost. For example, a customer may not realize that a “small window” that measures only 24″ x 36″ is actually 6 square feet .. and if there are 4 of them, thats 24 sqft. It can add up quickly.
The reason some tint companies prefer not to show the measurements if they feel by providing measurements it’ll be easy for the customer to price shop around, find a lower bid and the job will go to someone else.
So whats the right answer? Watch the video and find out: