Tinter Battles 2022 Date and Location Announced

Tintertainment announced that Tinter Battles 2022 will take place March 19th and 20th in Orlando, Florida.

From Tintertainement’s Announcement Post: “BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER! With MORE action creating another historic event of tinters in actions, tinters in influence, tinters in entertainment—TINTERTAINMENT: Tinter Battles 2022!”

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What is Tinter Battles 2022?

Tinter Battles 2022 is a window tinting event & competition. Produced annually by The Tintertainment Network, it is designed to be family friendly, uniting the window film industry through tinters in entertainment.

It consists of multiple competitions and entertainment segments. The event is named after the Tinter Battles Main Event Tint Competition where teams compete for the World Tag Team Titles.

Window Tint Competitions

Four tint competitions have been announced so far that will take place at Tinter Battles 2022:

– Kid’s Tinter Battles
– King of the Shrink Tournament
– World’s Fastest Tinter
– Tinter Battles Championships

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