TintLyfe Apparel and Lifestyle Brand Launched by Former Tint and Wrap Shop Owner

As of this week, the window film industry has a new resource for tint theme’d shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, and more: Tint Lyfe

Window Film Apparel and Lifestyle Brand

TintLyfe is window film apparel and lifestyle brand just launched by former tint/wrap shop owner turned designer, Kari Yochum of Iron Duck Designs.
“It’s going to be a living brand … constantly adapting and growing with new art and ideas. I have so many ideas that this let’s me get them to “paper” and it’s a lot of fun and relaxing for me” – Kari
From their website:

What’s your Y? Why do you hustle like you do? Pushing yourself and your skill every day to the next level. For yourself, your family, your future. Window film industry professionals are a special breed. A blend of craftsman, businessman, and outlaw, the #TintLyfe isn’t for everyone. Take pride in your work and always do your best, stay curious and learn all you can about the industry, finish what you start, stand up for what’s right, and be an excellent steward of the industry are just some of the principles the #TintLyfe