Window Tint Software for Tint Business

It seems to happen overnight: One day you open for window tinting business and the next you are too busy running your shop to keep up
How can you keep those customers happy—and the thousands more to come?


Surprise! You need Tint Wiz
Tint Wiz is an app for managing all your tint company’s interactions with customers and potential customers
Tint Wiz lets you book appointments, create proposals, send invoices, schedule jobs, manage tasks, save before / after pictures – all in one central location
Information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it, anytime, anywhere from a phone, computer or tablet.

Getting started is super easy:
Step #1 – Download the Tint Wiz app on your iPhone or Android

Step #2 – Create an account using your name and email

Step #3 – Click “Add Contact” and continue from there


► Need a hand? In Tint Wiz app, go to Support -> Live Chat

► Need more time on your free trial? Just let us know and we’ll extend it