4 Tips to Grow Your Window Tint and PPF Business

4 Tips to Grow Your Window Tint and PPF Business

Providing an outstanding customer experience is a must if you want to grow a window tint or paint protection film business. Great customer service skills are foundational to success. But with so much on your plate as a window tint business owner, how do you create a memorable customer experience every single time?

Respond to customers as quickly as possible

When customers have a problem, they’ll usually go to whoever can respond or solve the problem fastest. Here’s how you can quickly provide customers what they need and stay ahead of the competition and lead to window tint and PPF business growth.

Tips to Grow Your Window Tint and PPF Business
Using Tint Wiz CRM for window tint and paint protection film enables you to keep response times fast while growing your business

Don’t delay getting back to customers when they submit their information, email or send a text. Some customers simply go with the first company to get back to them. That could mean and easy, hassle free, window tint and paint protection film sale, simply for being quick to reply.

Personalize the customer experience

By using Tint Wiz, you can easily keep track of details on every client and all the details about the job. Saving all your job notes and images in one place (Tint Wiz) makes it quick and easy for you to know everything about the job so you can best help your customer. Being able to quickly see and reference the job details builds customer the confidence in you and your services.

Tips to Grow Your Window Tint and PPF Business

Employ confident and dedicated team members

Your team is the front line of your business so it’s critical to support them as best as possible. Whether it’s a formal course such as a manufacturer offered installation training or, ongoing mentoring and coaching from more experienced staff members, or a combination of approaches, do what it takes to make sure your staff feels confident and clear about how to do their jobs well. Improving your staff’s work experience is worthwhile – the more engaged your staff is with your company and their career, the stronger their dedication will be to customer satisfaction which is an absolutely key ingredient for any window tint and paint protection film business wanting to grow.

Show customers what they’re paying for

Use itemized proposals with clear pricing, detailed descriptions, and images so give customers confidence you are the right solution for their problem.

Add multiple solutions to offer good, better, best pricing packages that they can select directly in the proposal before they approve. This lets customers choose the level of service they want, while helping you close higher-priced jobs.