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Lamborghini with expertly applied PPF, efficiency boosted by Tint Wiz CRM software

Best Booking Software For PPF Businesses

Let’s take a look at the “Best Booking Software for PPF Businesses”. Tint Wiz, the premier booking software for Paint Protection Film (PPF) businesses. The unique features and incredible capabilities of Tint Wiz, demonstrate how it has revolutionizes the way … Read More

A beautiful Paint Protection Film application on a hood

Tint Wiz | CRM Software For PPF Businesses

Level Up Your Paint Protection Film Business With Tint Wiz In today’s competitive market, Paint Protection Film (PPF) businesses need more than just skill – they need smart solutions to stay ahead. A CRM Software for PPF Businesses like Tint … Read More

PPF Being Applied On Hood

Paint Protection Film (PPF) CRM Software

In the fast-paced world of Paint Protection Film (PPF) businesses are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. This blog takes a dive into how Paint Protection Film (PPF) CRM software can be a game-changer for your … Read More

Overview of Tint Wiz CRM Software Interface

Simplifying the Paint Protection Film Quoting Process with Tint Wiz CRM Software: Video Overview

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need efficient tools to manage customer relationships and streamline operations. Tint Wiz is a powerful CRM software designed for the paint protection film (PPF), window tint, and clear bra industry. In a recent video, Sean … Read More

Printable PPF Paint Protection Film

Revolutionizing Vehicle Wraps and Paint Protection Film: Introducing the First Ever Printable PPF

A Game-Changer for Vehicle Paint Protection and Aesthetics The world of automotive paint protection film (PPF) has just witnessed a revolution with the introduction of the first-ever printable PPF: ORAJET® 3971 GRA+ ProSlide™. This innovative product offers the best of … Read More

Appointment Reminder Software for Window Tint and Paint Protection Film

How to Reduce No-Show Appointments for Window Tint

Use Tint Wiz Software to Boost Scheduling and Customer Communication No-show appointments can cause problems for service businesses like window tinting companies. They lead to wasted resources, lost revenue, and disrupted work. Luckily, Tint Wiz, a user-friendly software, offers an … Read More

Windshield Protection Film Installation Training

Exterior Windshield Protection Film Installation Training

What separates best from the rest? Sure, raw natural talent plays a role, but not the main one. What makes a person the best in his or her given field, be that field sports, music, medicine, art, or anything else, … Read More

Software Paint Protection Film

Software for Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra PPF App)

Tint Wiz is not only about managing booked jobs; it is a complete software for paint protection business management. it’s also about helping your business secure more work thanks to tools like a handy PPF estimate tool, too.  Clear bra … Read More