How To Get More Reviews For Your Window Tint Business

Get More Google Reviews for Window Tint Business

In a competitive business like window tinting, every online review counts. But if you’re busy tinting windows or scheduling installations, it can be tricky to know where to start if you want to leverage the power of reviews and ratings to build profit. Here’s what you need to know to get better online reviews for your window tint business.

How Do I Get More Client Reviews For My Window Tinting Business?

Online reviews on site likes Google and Facebook can make a HUGE difference to the amount of customers inquiries you get online. Your potential customers start their search online, they compare your reviews to your competitors. Who has more reviews? Who has better reviews? Who has recent reviews? Good reviews drive website traffic, customer confidence and revenue.

Your new and potential customers rely on feedback from previous customers. If you don’t have any reviews, many potential customers will head over to your competition. In order to prevent this and instead have customers eager to contact you, use the review solution in Tint Wiz to increase the reviews for your window tinting business.

Automatically Request Clients Review Your Window Tint Business

After you’ve made your customer happy, put that goodwill to work. One of the easiest ways to get better online reviews for window tinters is to have a system for asking. Tint Wiz window tint software has a review feature which can be set to automatically request a review from a customer when the project is completed. The customer receives a review request by text message and email as well as an email follow up if they don’t leave a review the first time around.

Review Software for Window Tint Businesses

Within the Tint Wiz window tint software and app is a powerful Review feature for requesting reviews from your customers as well as promoting your best reviews on your proposals, website, Tint Wiz profile page, and more. Set up just takes a couple clicks.

Setup Review Requests in Tint Wiz

Once you’ve click into Reviews on the Tint Wiz app menu, you’ll want to check the boxes next to “Send automated review requests to customers” and “Show featured reviews on Tint Wiz proposals.

Below that you can set when you would like the review requests to be sent as well as if you’d like new reviews left on Wiz reviews to be auto published.

And below that you can edit the wording of the review requests sms and emails though the default text is very very effective.

Get More Google Reviews Window Tint Business

Setup Your Review Sites

By clicking “Review Sites”, you’ll be able to link the review sites you’d like to direct customers to leave you reviews. Link to the ones that are most important to you and your customers; Google and Facebook being the two most popular.

Your customer will also have the option to leave a review within Tint Wiz reviews if they don’t have an account for the site you link to.

Setup Your Tint Wiz Profile Page

From “Review Settings”, click on “Profile Page” and you can setup your Tint Wiz profile page. Add a short “about us” as well as a link to your website in the “Learn More” opportunity. Customers can submit their info to get a quote directly from your profile page. Once this is setup you’ll notice a new lead form in “Lead Capture” that is the form tied to your profile page.

Add Reviews to Your Profile Page

From the Reviews overview, you can click ” + Add New” in the upper right and manually add reviews to your Tint Wiz profile page. Add the most impressive reviews from any source and include pictures to make the review even more impactful. Then click to “feature” the best reviews so they appear on your proposals and website review widget if you’ve set it up.