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Selling window tint installation services can come with challenges. During summer months you deal with impatient customers that want a car, a company van, a home, or an entire business tinted at a day’s notice because of how hot it it’s getting inside and the soaring electrical bills. Then winter arrives and these same customers seem to just disappear with the fading heat.

In order to make your window tint business a successful year-round venture, that means successful year-round marketing.

Marketing for Window Tint Shops: Getting Started

Online marketing for your window tint shop (or chain) is the best place to start because it’s usually affordable and it’s easy to scale: you can reach a broad audience with little expense and minimal effort compared to offline/traditional marketing, which can require signs and billboards, print, radio, and TV buys, or can even mean you going door-to-door or parked car to parked car, leaving paid physical materials and losing a lot of your time.

Even a brand new window tinting business that you are running yourself and that you don’t know how to start marketing can quickly benefit from online marketing for a tint business because there are so many effective and user-friendly marketing resources online, many of which are both free and easy to use such as Google My Business.

Don’t worry even if you have no online marketing experience, the only real mistake marketing your window tint business online would be failing to do so at all.

Here are seven window tint marketing movies you should make right away for your business:
1. Claim your Google Business listing
2. Create a tint website that generates leads and captures customer info
3. Set up a Facebook page for the business
4. Gather and curate online reviews
5. Create informative and SEO-friendly window tint content
6. Seek more leads using the Lead Capture feature in Tint Wiz on your site and social platforms
7. Use your already superior customer service as a marketing tool

Window Tint Marketing Fundamentals

You surely did not launch a window tint business to be behind a screen all day working on your site traffic and worried about search engine optimization. And don’t worry, you don’t have to fly a desk all day to be good at tint marketing.

The good news is that you likely already know more about window tint marketing than you may think. Steps like coming up with a window tint business name and a company logo, sharing the word to friends and family and other contacts, and asking past and current customers for referrals and mentions online are all solid marketing practices already. Now you just need to take things up a notch or two.

To make the most out of your marketing efforts and convert those efforts to revenue, it’s a good idea for you start at the basic: think about your brand.

Your brand is not just a name and a logo, it’s the promise of a commitment to excellence that you make to your customers. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors, and it is the reason customers will choose you over the many other window tint businesses will likely that come up when they Google “window tint near me” in search of some good, convenient shop.

Window Tint Marketing Strategies

Now that you have tint marketing fundamentals better understood, it’s time to begin building up your online marketing efforts you can attract more clicks and customers.

Whether someone is looking to protect a car interior from sun damage, cool down a home, or better protect a business from a break in, the average window tint customer is looking online for the nearest window tinter based on their solid reputation and, of course, solid search results. The customer is influenced by top internet search results, by positive online reviews, and by being able to find a working phone number for a tint shop nearby.

To win a customer’s business, your top marketing goal must be to be as easy to find and easy to contact as possible. Here are the window tint marketing moves that will have the biggest impact in that regard:

1. Claim listing with Google Business

Google is, of course where most of us go when they are looking for anything, and a window tint business is no exception. If you want customers to find you, you need to set up your Google my Business listing.

Google My Business Page for Window Tint Business
Google My Business Page for Window Tint Business

Setting up a local Google Business listing is easy—all you need is your company name, address, and contact info, and then follow the steps laid out online. If yours is a mobile business and does not have an address, you can always use an alternate mailing address to verify the listing and then you can later choose to hide the address and instead show a more general service area.

2. Build your window company’s tint website

Step two to being found via searches online is to build and grow brand’s web presence. A professional website immeasurably increases your visibility and enhances your credibility, helping you to get more window tint leads and conversions.

Website for Window Tint Business
Website for Window Tint Business

Keeping a window tint company’s site simple, crisp, and clear makes it easier for potential customers to find the info they need on the site without them being stymied by clutter. Here are a few essential elements of a window tinting website that bring in customers and converts to sales:
– A professional name and memorable logo
– A call-out to your competitive difference (also known your unique selling points)
– Your email and phone number info
– The locations/region you serve
– List of the services you provide
– An easy way for customers to request work, such as Lead Capture
– Display of awards and accreditations
– Photos and/or testimonials that vouch for your work
If you have never created a website before, don’t worry, you can: there are many free or inexpensive platforms you can use for site building, such as Wix or WordPress, and to make a logo, try PicMonkey or Canva for professional-looking options.

3. Build your tint company a Facebook page

A Facebook business page will help keep your service-oriented business stay in touch with customers, helps it appear in and rank in Google search results, and will help you book more jobs. Along with your site, a professional Facebook page is a great way to be found online because of the large yet targeted reach you can have with Facebook ads.

Facebook Marketing for Window Tint Business
Facebook Marketing for Window Tint Business

Facebook’s shareability also is a huge asset when getting the word out about your brand. Of all the social media platforms, Facebook remains the biggest by far, with most users and the most conversion-friendly features at your disposal. Plus, its pages are free and easy to set up. You just need to spend the time to streamline and optimize your FB business page in order to get those results. That means making sure  the page well-optimized for your specific business’ goals. The difference between a basic, non-optimized Facebook page and an optimized Facebook page for your tint business is like your customers seeing a boring black-and-white page 10 print ad or a full-color front page spread.

4. Get more reviews for your window tint business

Positive feedback from past customers gives potential new customers confidence in your brand and its services. Additionally, these online reviews can help your Google local page appear above other businesses with fewer reviews posted. Having lots of online reviews can also have a profound impact on your site’s search rankings.

Get More Reviews for Window Tint Business
Get More Reviews for Window Tint Business

Here are the basics to bear in mind when you hunt for high quality reviews:
1. Always send customers a polite follow-up email after a job is done. You can use this email to inform them that their project is completed and while you have them, ask for feedback that you can use online.
2. If the feedback you get from a customer is positive, send them a polite request to leave a review with a link to your Google Business or to your Facebook page. Most people will take a few minutes and leave a review if you just ask kindly.
3. Automate that review request process by using the tools from Tint Wiz. You can set up your site so that customers can be automatically asked to leave a review on whichever sites you direct to when their work is wrapped.

5. Create expert window tint content for your website and social media

Window tint is a specialized product in a unique industry, and frankly most consumers don’t know much—if anything—about tint and its many benefits. Help your prospective customers feel better educated and informed, at no obligation, and you’ll win their trust and quite likely secure their business.

This type of marketing strategy is called content marketing, and its goal is to create genuinely interesting, informative, and shareable content – such as blogs, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos — that position your team as experts and keep your brand top-of-mind for prospective customers.

An effective strategy is creating content around some of your recently completely window film installations. Share pictures of your work in the posts (before and after pictures always do well) and write descriptions about what was done and why. Write these articles as if you’re talking to a customer by using the same type of language customers typically say use with you. In other words, try not to use highly specific industry terms that average consumers may not understand.

And if writing content isn’t your strong suit, record simple videos with your laptop or smartphone and post those. Videos are a great way to engage with your customers, and when kept short or edited, you can use videos all across the web, from your site to social media and even in paid ads.

6. Get more leads using Lead Capture

The Lead Capture feature created by Tint Wiz lets you capture potential customer information when it’s input via your website, social platforms, as a scanned QR code and more. When a potential customer submits their information to the portal, you are instantly notified by Tint Wiz and every bit of share customer info entered into Tint Wiz becomes ready for you. There is no typing or copying and pasting from email or messenger or other mundane work needed.

Lead Capture Feature in Tint Wiz
Lead Capture Feature in Tint Wiz

Once all of the lead info is captured, you can then get in touch with the customer at your leisure (meaning expediently – don’t wait!) or even send them a quote via SMS text message and/or via email with just a few easy clicks. Tint Wiz allows you to see when a customer has viewed the proposal you send and also allows you to send automatic follow ups to them. Tint Wiz automatically follows via by email 24 hours later if a customer has not viewed a proposal and then again 48 hours later if a proposal has still not yet been approved.

Using automation options like these keeps the workflow moving and keeps it streamlined and effective without anyone being missed or forgotten even as your business grows bigger and bigger.

7. Use your great customer service as a powerful marketing tool

Advertising, content, and a robust social media presence are all pieces of the marketing puzzle. But excellent customer service always has been and always will be by far the most effective, cost-efficient, and the best long-term growth strategy for any window tint business because it’s the best strategy for any business of any type.

A great customer service reputation grows your business in two ways:
1. You will gain repeat business from customers, which is much more cost effective over time because you will have already done all the grinding work getting their business and gaining their trust.
2. Satisfied, cared for customers spread the word and offer personal referrals, again no more work needed on your end.

Using a window tinting software platform like Tint Wiz allows you to rapidly access customer information anytime and from anywhere, which means higher customer satisfaction and efficiency for the business because your business will always be catered right to their needs. It’s a win-win for both the shop and the shoppers, so to speak.

Make Window Tint Marketing Something You Do Daily

The more you do tint marketing, the easier it gets and, ironically, once it’s routine, the less you need to do. Basic actions like adding new pictures to your Google My Business listing, Yelp, and Facebook, and to your website’s posts and gallery, can make a big difference over time for your online presence, and when you chip at it daily, the task is manageable.

There are myriad simple tasks that can be done during the course day, like educating prospects about the core differences between tints over the phone, engaging in meaningful social media conversations and adding new images and videos, and asking clients for feedback and reviews whether via social, email, or in person.

And let your customers help! Note their frequently ask questions and use these in marketing material, getting ahead of these asks. Also connect with targeted companies on social networking platforms that make sense for you to align and ally with. Make Marketing Strategy focus a deliberate part of your daily until it becomes second nature, and then devote a bit of time now and then.

When this all becomes routine, day-by-day and week-by-week, it will add up to a major marketing campaign and major jumps in leads and revenue.

It’s never easy to start, but it gets easier and easier to keep going. And the even better news? It pays great revenue dividends, and those only get better, too.

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