Automatic Appointment Reminders for Window Tint Businesses

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Appointment reminders help reduce no-shows but rather than you or your staff sending out appointment reminders manually, Tint Wiz automatically sends out automated appointment reminders to customers to help boost your efficiency even more. With its automated text message and email appointment reminder system, you can eliminate the hassle that comes from no shows.

Reduce No Shows With Automatic Appointment Reminders

Being organized with your scheduling is absolutely essential to any window tint business that takes appointments. Being able to quickly determine when you have availability means less time spent scheduling and a better experience for your customers. To make scheduling window tint appointments as quick and easily as possible, Tint Wiz includes both a calendar view and list view, as well as a live map for mobile window tinting.

Appointment Confirmation

When you schedule an appointment using Tint Wiz, an appointment confirmation is automatically send to the customer via text message and email, confirming the day, time, and location of the appointment as well as your company’s contact information.

Tint Wiz Appointment Reminder for Window Tint

24 Hour Appointment Reminder

Twenty four hours before the appointment, your customer will automatically get a reminder text message and email reminding them of their upcoming appointment.

Tint Wiz Appointment Reminder

1 Hour Appointment Reminder

One hour prior to the appointment the customer will receipt one final reminder of their upcoming appointment via text message and email.

Tint Wiz Appointment Reminder 1 Hour

Window Tint Scheduling Software

Using a proper window tint software for scheduling and proper management is the absolutely best way to run your window tint business. Pen, paper, spreadsheets are not longer efficient ways to handle the needs of customer’s window tint projects. As your window tint business grows, inefficiencies grow with them and can make it difficult to grow your window tint business. The ones that focus on efficiency in their processes will have happier staff, happier customers, and a more profitable business.

About Tint Wiz App for Window Tinters

Tint Wiz is a business management platform for window tint businesses that keeps track of everything in one place and automates day-to-day operations, so window tint businesses can provide exceptional service and run at maximum efficiency.

Choosing the best window tint software for your business can have a powerful impact on your productivity. Tint Wiz can help your workforce minimize downtime, attract clients, get organized and get everything into one trusted software platform.