Formula to Price Out Flat Glass Window Tint

Formula to Price Out Flat Glass Window Tint

Whether you’re new to flat glass window tinting or have been doing it for a while, its never a bad idea to evaluate your pricing. Film costs, labor, fuel, insurance … they all rise in price over time; your pricing should also to reflect such increases.

We’ve put together a guide that will show you how to calculate the price for home and commercial window film.

Formula to Measure and Price Flat Glass Tint

Wondering how to price window film for a home or business? The formula to price out flat glass window film is width (inches) x height(inches) / divided by 144 = your square feet of glass you’ll be covering with window film. You can then multiply that number by the price per square feet you’d like to charge for the film.

How to Price Flat Glass Window Film

Once you have your square foot calculated you can now price the project. Take your total square foot and multiply it by the price per square foot you’d like to charge for the film. It is common to add 15% to cover the wasted film that will come from the different cuts.

The price of residential and commercial window tint will vary on the specifics of the job which is why its best practice to schedule a consultation, so a representative of tint company will visit potential customer to see the windows in person or at least get pictures. Quoting completely blindly off of measurements is a certain way to create surprises for yourself the day of installation.

How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost on Average

How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost on Average?

The price of home window tint can vary greatly just like any other product or service. The main variable in how much home window tinting costs is the type of window film being installed. There are many many types and brands of window films with a range of performance and durability.

Dual Reflective window films, a popular choice for privacy, is typically priced between $7-11 per square foot. Ceramic and spectrally select films can range from $12 to $25 per square foot. Other factors such as access to the glass, the frame types and the experience and quality of the installer also will reflect in the price.

Software for Flat Glass Window Tint

These calculations are done for you automatically in the Tint Wiz app. Simply enter the width, height, and quantity of the window and the square footage is calculated for you. You can then pick the film or film options and quickly send the customer a detailed quote.

App for Window Tint

Tint Wiz is a business management platform for window tint businesses that keeps track of everything in one place and automates day-to-day operations, so window tint businesses can provide exceptional service and run at maximum efficiency.

Choosing the best window tint software for your business can have a powerful impact on your productivity. Tint Wiz can help your workforce minimize downtime, attract clients, get organized and get everything into one trusted software platform.