Get Reviews for Your Window Tinting Business

You can read ad copy, listen to a radio spot, watch a pop-up video, or hear a pitch directly from a representative from a brand, but ultimately, if you’re like most people, you’re going to trust the words of someone who has tried the product or service in question the most. They were in your shoes once, considering whether or not to spend their money just as you’re considering doing now. But now they are on the other side of the experience and can share how it all went.

When the person sharing a product or service experience is known to you personally you get their feedback directly from the source. Otherwise, you turn to that all-important thing called the customer review. Whether you’re buying a pair of socks online or booking a hotel or browsing for a wedding photographer, the words shared by those who have worn the socks, stayed at the hotel, or hired the photographer matter as you make your choice.

But here you are on the other side of the equation wondering how to increase window tinting sales at your business by getting more customers. The answer is just the same as with the socks, the resort, and the photog: the more positive window tint reviews your business gets, the more sales you will see. That is, provided you put your customers window tint reviews to work for you.

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Why Reviews Matter for Your Tint Business

Auto window tinting is a highly specialized business, and even many customers who are interested in getting window film for their cars may not know much about it. So by sharing plenty of great window tint customer reviews with prospective customers, you can elevate their comfort level with a product category that may previously have seemed a bit unnerving.

When customers are more comfortable with a product or service, they will be more likely to agree to a sale, and nothing increases comfort levels like a positive review – except lots of them. A review professing satisfaction with a given window tint product and that thanks your shop for the great work you did is arguably the most powerful window tint marketing tool you can ask for. But how to get great reviews for your tinting business? Simply ask.

Get More Reviews - Window Tint Business
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How to Get More Reviews for Your Tint Business

You really can just ask your customers to leave you positive reviews after your work is done. You can direct them to a review portal on your company’s website if you have one, you can ask them to review you and leave a rating on Yelp or Home Advisor or on your business’s Google page, you can ask for a review on Facebook or other social media platforms, and so on. But directly asking for customer reviews face-to-face or via the phone isn’t the best way to get more reviews for your tinting business. 

Let’s be honest: more often than not, even highly satisfied customers simply aren’t going to get around to leaving a review if you don’t ask them at an opportune time. They will say “sure thing!” and mean well, but they will forget shortly after leaving the shop or hanging up the phone. And that’s provided you don’t forget to ask for reviews, which is another all-too-common problem for a busy business owner or manager.

Get Reviews for Window Tint Business
Get Reviews for Window Tint Business

That’s why so many window tint shops turn to automated review requests through a platform like Tint Wiz. With Tint Wiz, there are myriad useful functions that make it easier to secure a customer’s business and manage the entire process of their job. All of the data they input is stored and made easily accessible so you can customize a proposal, scheduling is managed via the app so you have the right staff on hand for the install, ad payments are tracked through Tint Wiz. But it’s what Tint Wiz can make sure you do after the job is done that may well help you get the next job booked. Or the next few hundred, for that matter.

Using Tint Wiz, you can automate a review request that will be sent out at a given time, say as soon as a customer’s job is paid in full, or 48 hours after the work is done, to give a couple of examples. This automation ensures you won’t forget to ask for a review, and when you strategically plan when you’ll request the review, it increases the chance the person will leave you one. Review requests can go out via SMS or email (or both) and as someone needs to be on their phone, tablet, or computer to get a text or email, you know they will be in a ready position to take action.

Using Reviews to Drive More Business to Your Tint Shop

OK, let’s say you have set up automatic review requests using Tint Wiz. Now you can just focus on doing great tinting work and let the reviews roll in, right? Well, yes and now. Getting great customer reviews is the first step, but it’s how you use them that matters. (The best book ever written doesn’t mean much if it just sits in a library shelf untouched, right?) One of the first and best ways to make good tint reviews work for you is to include a positive review right there along with your proposal for a new job: a lead can be served their proposal accompanied by a review from a satisfied past customer, thereby gaining insight and comfort right at the moment they are considering whether or not to spend their money.

Window Tint Review Software Tint Wiz
Window Tint Review Software Tint Wiz

Next, you need to plan where you will post reviews. There should always be good customer reviews posted on your website and where logical on platforms like Facebook (which is to say places you can control content, as opposed to, say Yelp where the customers have the control). You can also add past customer reviews to emails you send out, to paid ads posted on other sites, and even printed out and pasted on the walls of your physical shop, if any are truly glowing.

And if you think you’re too busy to spend all your time sharing and posting customer reviews, don’t worry, because again you can put Tint Wiz to work for you. The app can be programmed to automatically share reviews that customers share via Tint Wiz that meet your pre-set criteria. For example, you can have any review accompanied by a four-star or better rating posted to your website. Or you can automatically have featured reviews accompany proposals. But you’ll have to print out and hang that banner yourself.