How To Price DOW 995 for Security Window Film

DOW 995 Security Window Film - Window Tint Software

DOW 995 is often used to anchor safety / security window film when installed. Pricing DOW 995 is done differently than pricing window film because window film. Window film is covering the glass, so calculating how much is needed is done by figuring out the square foot of the glass. This is done by multiplying the width and height of the glass in inches, and then dividing by 144. Example Width 34″ x Height 60″ = 2040 and then divide by 144 = 14.16 sqft. It is best practice to round up so 15 sqft.

DOW 995 is not applied to all of the glass, rather it is applied to the perimeter of the glass. The purpose of the DOW 995 is to attach the safety / security film to the frame of the window so that in the case of an attempted forced entry, the glass and film will not all fall in; rather it’ll be secured to the frame. Because the DOW 995 is being applied to the perimeter of the window, you must calculate the linear ft instead of square ft. This will tell you how many feet of DOW beed you’ll need and be applying.

DOW 995 Attachment System with 8 MIL Security Window Film

How To Calculate Linear Ft for DOW 995 Application

Instead of multiplying width x height like you would do to figure out the sqft of the glass, for linear you’ll want to add the width and height and x 2. It can be tedious to add all the width and heights to figure it out which is why Tint Wiz app automatically calculates it for you.

Once you’ve entered in your measurements, from the project overview click “sheet”. You’ll see the linear ft of each window and door as well as a total for the whole project.

Simply take the total linear feet and multiply it by your rate that should include the material cost, labor and profit.

Window Film Flat Glass Software Project Overview – Click “Sheet”
Linear Ft is displayed in sheet if selected on upper right
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If the customer is ready to move forward, schedule their appointment efficiently using Tint Wiz’s scheduling solution which has both a calendar and a map so you can visually see when you’ll be close by and is the efficient for your team to complete the installation.