Inventory Tracking Software for Window Tint

Inventory Tracking Software for Window Tint

Let’s go over a few basic truths of the window tinting business. First, you can’t apply window tint that you don’t have. If a customer asks for a specific type of tint and you realize you don’t have the enough of it in your inventory to do the job, then you probably just lost the job as your lead leaves and heads to your competitors at the tint shop down the road.

Second, you don’t make a penny off window tint you purchase and never install. In fact, you don’t lose a penny either, you lose dollars — lots of them. Overbuying window tints that are not used and that languish in storage is one of the worst mistakes tint shops make. It is tantamount to throwing money away.

Third, without a good inventory management system, you are almost always going to be trending toward one of those two situations: a scarcity of tint you need that may lose you paying work, or an oversupply of unneeded window tint that will prove to be a waste of money and a waste of space. 

But fourth — and this one is the good news — you can do what so many others in the window tint business have done and master your inventory management game by using Tint Wiz to help you monitor and manage your window tint inventory.

How Tint Wiz helps you keep the closest track of your tint inventory

Tint Wiz lets you keep track of exactly how much window tint you have on hand down to the amount left on each individual roll of window tint, and it can do that in two ways. First, you can weigh the roll of window tint and enter the information into the Tint Wiz app, which can then calculate how much is remaining. Or, alternately, you can enter the amount of film you have used on a job (or on several jobs) and then Tint Wiz can calculate how much is remaining based on the starting volume of the roll and the square footage used.

Both methods are accurate, but in particular weighing window tint rolls and letting Tint Wiz do the calculations is a quick and accurate way to know just how much tint is left on a given roll. And when you weigh in all of your window tint, you can rather quickly come to learn exactly how much window tint you have in the entire inventory of your shop. Using an accurate scale and Tint Wiz also removes one of the all-too-common issues in the window tinting business: human error. (Though to be fair, human error can of course be an issue in any line of work.)

Window Tint Inventory Management Software

Get all the info you need on all the tint you have

There’s a lot to know about the tint on each of those window tint rolls you have in your inventory. What’s the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating of a given roll? What’s the exact color? Is that one metal-based or nanoceramic? And so on. You can use features within Tint Wiz to create a document with all of the information you could need on each and every roll of window tint you have, and then use Tint Wiz to create a QR code that will quickly link you to all of that information with a quick scan of a phone or tablet.

In that way, Tint Wiz can help you not only know what you have in the inventory at your shop but it can help you find the actual roll you are looking for faster than ever, no need to go unrolling and testing countless samples of tint as you search for the right one. You can also let customers scan those QR codes so they can get all sorts of info about a tint you recommend, helping to make them more informed and more comfortable with proceeding with a job.

Inventory Tracking Software for Window Tint

Keep the team on the same page with Tint Wiz’ inventory tracking

Because all updates to Tint Wiz are shared with everyone on your team in real time, if one installer is coming near to using the last of a given type of tint, everyone else can know about it right away, so a manager can be ordering a re-supply before your inventory ever runs out.

Likewise, by knowing what is already in stock, everyone on the team can suggest the types of tint already available to their customers (so long as they are great choices for that customer’s needs) and that helps cut down on costs because there won’t be the need to source new rolls of tint.

As it does in so many different ways, when it comes to window tint inventory, using Tint Wiz just lets you work smarter and saves you time, effort, and money.