Scheduling Software for Window Film and PPF

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With a little luck and a lot of hard work, there will come a time when your window tint and ppf business is, in its current mode of operation, too much for you and your existing team to handle. There will come a week when you simply have too many jobs coming in assign enough staff and too many prospective customers asking for quotes to reply to all the would-be leads, therefore costing your shop business that otherwise could have been added to the queue, busy as it is.

When this time comes, you can simply hire more staff and keep doing things the old way albeit with more people on the payroll, or you can turn to the best window tint scheduling software and easily manage all your planned jobs, your new customer leads, and your staff, too.

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What Can a Window Tint Scheduling Software Do for You?

Window tint scheduling software helps your tint business in two primary ways: it makes interfacing with customers more efficient and it makes managing your in-house scheduling more reliable. And when both of those factors align, that means a far better customer experience, more likely referrals and repeat business generated, and it means a more cost-effective and streamlined process for your business from the start to finish of the process.

How can tint job scheduling software do all that for your business? Because a great window tint scheduling platform adds efficiencies and removes obstacles at every step of the way. For example, tint scheduling software lets you input not only a customer’s name and contact information but also the data about their vehicle or property and their budget into the same platform you’ll consult when you do the actual work later, so even as you first generate a lead, you are saving yourself time later as you prepare for the actual job once the client is committed, no redundant effort required. As another example, by capturing all that data, you can offer a thoughtful and personalized follow-up to a customer wavering about committing to an install. 

And once you have tint jobs lined up, you can not only plan out each install based on your staffing availability considered against customer timing, but you can also use all the data stored in your tint scheduler to assign the best staff to each project, ensuring maximum efficiency, which saves you time and money, as well as maximum customer satisfaction, which leads to more of those referrals and repeat jobs already noted.

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Window Tinting Booking Software

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and managers make in the course of customer relationship management is forgetting to follow up. You can have a prospective customer sold on your services, satisfied with a proposed tint package, and ready to agree to the price, but if they never get a follow-up email, text, or call from your shop, they may end up forgetting about the whole thing.

With the automations built into window tint job scheduling software, the customer follow-up process is a turnkey operation. You can set your preferences to include automated customer follow-ups or to remind you that you need to check in with a lead at a desired interval after the most recent contact, and what’s more, these customer follow-ups can be highly customized to the customer and his or her vehicle or property. Because of the detail you collect and log about a customer’s potential project during the initial conversation (vehicle make, model, and age, for example, or the approximate square footage of residential windows to be tinted), you can refer to these personalized details in a follow-up, and that makes the customer feel valued and more ready to move ahead with the installation.

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