SEO for Window Tint: The Complete Guide

SEO for Window Tint

Everyone searches for window tint on google. No one is going to the yellow pages. So if you want to get more customers to your window tint or paint protection film business, then the first page of the google is where you absolutely need to be. This guide will teach you SEO for window tint and how to get to the top positions on google results, from start to finish.

Why is SEO important for window tinters?

SEO is important for window tinters and paint protection film installers because hundreds of thousands of people search for local window tint businesses every month.

SEO for Window Tint to improve online visibility through effective website optimization

Many people search for specific types of window tint too, like privacy tint for home or limo tint or window tint appointment near me. If you don’t show up in Google when people in your area search for what you do, you’re missing out on business.

Here are a couple of stats further highlighting the importance of SEO for window tint: 

  • Every month, between 100k to 1mil searches for “window tint near me” in the US.
  • Every month, there are hundreds of thousands of searches for other window tinting services like “un window tint near me” and “blackout tint near me.”

Can I do SEO for my window tint business myself?

Yes. The fundamentals of SEO are fairly simple. You may need some help with more complex things like fixing technical issues however you can improve your visibility online even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body.

Google Business Profile optimization

Google shows two types of results for local queries (e.g., “window tint near me”): 

  1. Map pack results
  2. Regular organic results

You want to rank in both of them. To rank in the map pack, you must claim and optimize a free Google Business Profile. This is how:

1. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile

The listing is completely free and enables your window tint business to appear in the map pack. This is how you claim the listing:

A. Add or claim your business

This is done through Google Maps. Google explains how to do this on any device here

B. Set your business category

Settings your business category is fairly straight forward for window tinters. Select “Window Tinting Service”

Google Business Profile for Window Tint Business

C. Set your service area

This lets customers know whether you serve their area. You can list up to 20 but make sure that the boundaries of your overall service area don’t extend farther than about two hours of driving time from where your business is based, as per Google’s guidelines.

D. Fill out the other essential details and photos about your business

Add essential details to your listing such as your opening hours, phone number, and website. Add photos of completed window tint installations, in progress photos, your shop, etc. The more completely you fill out your profile, the better. These will help customers understand if you’re the right solution for them and help increase the chances of your business page ranking at the top of the map pack.

This helps potential customers understand whether you can provide the service they are looking for. Make sure to fill these out accurately to give a clear message to Google and your customers as to what services you specialize in so you don’t get calls for services you don’t offer.

Window Tint Google Ranking SEO – Attract more customers to your window tint business

2. Get listed in as many directories as possible

Most business directories list your business name, address, and phone number. These are called NAP citations. According to BrightLocal’s survey, 7% of SEOs think they’re the most important ranking factor for map pack rankings.

A. Get listed with big data aggregators

Data aggregators feed information about your plumbing business to many directories. Get listed with them, and you could end up with hundreds of citations.

Here are the big data aggregators in the U.S.:

You’ll also want to submit your business to other big players. In the U.S., these include:

  • Apple Maps
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Bing Places
  • Facebook
  • TomTom
  • Dunn & Bradstreet

B. Get more reviews

Reviews are very very important for ranking in the Google map pack so much so that most will say its the most important factor.

Here’s how to get more reviews for your window tint business:

Tint Wiz provides a completely automated way to send SMS and Email review requests to your customers.

  • Setup and enable automated review requests from reviews > settings and select when the review request email/sms to be sent. (See setup below)
  • Add your review sites (google, yelp vb.) from reviews > settings > review sites
  • Customize the About Us and Learn More Button at reviews > settings > profile page

Tint Wiz will send your review profile to the customers where they can click “Leave Review” and click through the site they prefer.

Get More Reviews for Window Tint
Get More Reviews for Window Tint

3. Create content on your website

Knowing what keywords people search is useful info but unless you create pages on your website targeting them, there isn’t much point of doing the research. These are the types of pages you should have on your window tint website.

A. Each of the main services you offer should have its own page. 

Having a page for each service you offer gives your site the best chance of coming up for someone is searching for that service. The service having a dedicated page about it means there will be keywords in the url and more specific content about that service helping show authority.

B. Create an “About Us” page

Most window tinters have an “about” page even if they’re not heavily invested in search engine optimization. And although these pages rarely pop up in search results, they’re a useful place to demonstrate E-A-T.

E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It’s not a Google ranking factor, but ranking factors do map to these qualities. 

Here are a few ideas for demonstrating E-A-T on your “about” page:

  • Explain how the business started
  • Explain how long you’ve been in business and/or been a window tinter
  • Talk about your certifications and accreditations
  • Explain how you’re insured and licensed
  • Feature reviews and testimonials from happy customers

C. Create a locations page

This isn’t necessary if you have one location but for those with multiple locations, you’ll want to list them on a locations page. There can be SEO benefits to having a page for each location. But generally speaking, having one page listing them all will suffice for most window tint businesses.

4. On-page SEO

Having a page for each individual window tint service you offer is a big SEO win on its own but there are a few other optimizations you can do as well.

A. Write compelling title tags and meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are important because they often appear in search results. They do need to be as accurate and compelling as possible. 

“Best Ceramic Coating for Cars in Atlanta Georgia”
“Home Window Tinting in Hollywood, California”
“Paint Protection Film Installation in Spokane, Washington”

Meta descriptions should describe the service and business in detail, without going over 120 characters so it does not get cut off.

Looking for Home Window Tinting in Hollywood, California? Bills Tint and More provides home window film for all of Southern California.

B. Use short, descriptive URL slugs

A URL slug is the last part of the URL that describes the content on the page. 

Descriptive URL slugs are important because they help searchers understand the content and context of the page before clicking. They’ll get cut off in the search results if they’re too long, so it also pays to keep them short and sweet. 

Here’s a simple format for service page URL slugs: 



5. Keep learning about SEO

Everything above will get you headed in the right direction and should be enough to get your window tinting business off the ground in the search engines. But if you’re looking to learn even more about SEO, check out these resources: