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Window Tint Software Benefits

Whether you use window tint software to cut your film or to manage your tint shop, tint software is being adopted by businesses at a faster rate than ever. Booking a window tint job is only part of the process of securing paid work: you also need to make sure your customer actually shows up for you to do the work so you can get paid. No-shows to tinting appointments and cancellations without a rescheduling are two ways that far too many tint shops are losing out on potential sales. 

The easiest way to stop the no-shows or cancellations? Make it easy for customers to remember those appointments, and to ensure that instead of a no-show or cancelled installation, it’s a done deal or a simple rescheduling. And you can automate these assurances right into the process as you first make contact with your window tint lead.

How? By putting technology to work for your window tint shop thanks to software that handles so much of the logistics work for you.

You can use the Tint Wiz app to help put appointment confirmations and scheduled reminders front and center for your clients, so they will be much more likely to keep a scheduled appointment or to make a new one if they can no longer be there are the originally planned time. And you can reach the customer however they prefer to be contacted, too.

Send an Automatic Appointment Notification as Soon as a Job is Booked

A window tint appointment is only truly booked if both the tint shop and the customer have it on their calendars and are committed to getting the job done. Merely confirming an appointment over the phone or via email may not be enough to cement the appointment in the mind (and calendar) of a customer. That’s why many tinters automate their Tint Wiz accounts to send out an email and/or SMS message to a customer as soon as a job is confirmed. This notification can allow the customer to easily add the appointment to a digital calendar, so it will be officially booked.

Benefits of Window Tint Software
Benefits of Window Tint Software

And you can customize these appointment confirmations to have all the needed information about the booking, things like reviews shared by past customers that will help reinforce the notion that the customer has chosen a great shop, and information about the quote you and the customer have agreed to.

Send Scheduled Appointment Reminders Via Tint Wiz

Once your customer confirms a window tint appointment, it’s a good bet that they will be there at your shop ready for the install on the date and at the time agreed. But it’s always a good idea to go ahead and confirm things. With Tint Wiz’s many automated functions, your appointments can be confirmed for you, no additional hands-on effort needed by you or your staff.

You can set the app to send an SMS and/or email reminder to each customer 24 hours before their tint job is scheduled so they have plenty of time to be sure they can still make the appointment or to re-schedule it. You can include things like a link to a map and/or GPS directions right to your shop, making it refreshingly easy for the customer to find you.

And then you can also have a final reminder sent out an hour before the tinting appointment as a last check-in to help ensure the customer is on time, which is crucial for letting your busy tint shop stay productive. 

Keep Your Staff on Schedule with Tint Wiz Software

Just as it’s crucial for your customers to show up on time for window tint appointments, so too must your staff be there on time for all scheduled jobs. When you use Tint Wiz software to manage your scheduling, you give everyone on the team easy access to the calendar, and you can even color-code the calendar based on employee, location, and other metrics. Using Tint Wiz makes it easy to match up the right worker with the right project, and it makes it easy to replace someone who can’t show up for a given install with another equally qualified worker.

What is Window Tint Software?

Window tint software helps companies manage and optimize the business activities. These activities can widely range from window tint software that cuts out tint using a pattern, to window tint software used for quoting, scheduling, reminding, etc. The window tint industry has grown immensely in the last decade with no signs of slowing, making the use of window tint software absolutely vital to tint shops that want to be competitive, efficient, and scale their business.

Best Window Tint Software 2023
Best Window Tint Software 2023

Window tint software helps tint shop owners and managers run a tint company end to end. Window tint software can be used to keep track of appointments inventory, work orders, tasks, and much much more. Managers and owners can use these tools to manage a single or multiple tint shop locations, ease the onboarding process for new employees, and track employee effectiveness.

Window Tint Software Features
Window Tint Software Features

Business Management Software Developed Specifically for the Window Film Industry

Window tinters have unique challenges for example, home window tinting can require an appointment to measure and price, as well as a separate appointment for installation. It could be a few days or a few months between the consultation and installation.

In addition, high volume flat glass tint shops must schedule their consultations and installations as efficient as possible because its mobile window tinting and drive time or a poorly put together schedule can between the difference between big profits and well paid staff or not.

These challenges make it that much more important to use window tint software that manages customer data, appointments, quotes, invoices, images, video and streamlines the workflow for everything working together, maximizing the efficiency of the window tint installers and the back office staff.

Tint Wiz Window Tint Software

Tint Wiz streamlines your window tint business into a management system, a workflow – for a better way to work. Window tint businesses deal with customer information, from their name, number, email to vehicle type and services or home window measurements, access to windows etc.

How Is Window Tint Software Priced?

Tint Wiz window tint software is priced at $100 / per month, per business on a month to month subscription bases. The $100 per business subscription covers all of their staff accounts, contacts, projects, reminders, follow ups etc. There is no contract and the subscription is managed from the owners Tint Wiz account via the mobile app or at

Window Tint Software Free Trial
Window Tint Software Free Trial

And getting set up with Tint Wiz is easy. You can sign up for a free trial, follow step-by-step how-to videos, and be up and running in practically no time, and with just a few more hours spent getting to know the window tint industry specific software, you’ll start to learn all it can do for you, and just how much your business stands to benefit from the use of this powerful propriety platform.