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In this video, Sean from Window Tint Warriors shows exactly how to install STEK DYNOflex Windshield Protection Film on a Tesla Model 3 but before he shows the installation process, he shows how he got the job in the first place.

Lead Generation for PPF and Window Tint

The customer had initially inquired through his website for paint protection for the front end of a Tesla Model 3. Using Tint Wiz, Sean sent them a quote for 3 different paint protection film coverage options, and he also included the option to add windshield protection film. The customer saw the option, read the details, and approved the Tint Wiz proposal for both the paint protection film as well as the windshield protection film.

Lead Generation PPF Window Tinting Ceramic Coating
Lead Generation PPF Window Tinting Ceramic Coating
Lead Management Software for Window Tint, PPF, Ceramic Coating and Moree

How to Sell Services like PPF and Ceramic Coating

Sean’s video perfectly displays the proper way to offer multiple options to customers through education, letting the customer make their own decision. Often the trouble with offering a quote to every customer is time. Tint Wiz makes it easy to save as many quote formats as you’d like, so that when it comes time to sending a quote to a customer, it only takes a couple clicks.

Proposals in Tint Wiz can have as many options for the customer as you’d like. Each solution option can have a customized description and pictures so you can thoroughly explain the service and show pictures of your past work.

Quoting Software for PPF, Window Tinting, Ceramic Coating + More

Absolutely any type of service or product can be including a Tint Wiz proposal, whether it be car or home window window tinting, paint protection, ceramic coating, paint less dent removal, fencing, roofing, absolutely anything.

With just a couple clicks, a professional quote can be sending to your customer by text message and email. You are able to see when the customer views the proposal and Tint Wiz software will automatically send two proposal follow ups to the customer, 24 hours after sending if the proposal has not been viewed yet and 48 hours after if the proposal has been viewed but not yet approved.

Quoting Software for PPF Window Tint Ceramic Coating
Quoting Software for PPF Window Tint Ceramic Coating

Scheduling with Automated Text & Email Confirmations and Reminders

Automated emails and text message reminders are just one of the ways Tint Wiz streamlines efficiency and minimizes recurring tasks for you and your staff. When an appointment is scheduled in Tint Wiz, your customer will automatically get a text message and email confirming the day, time, and location of the appointment, whether it be at your shop or mobile at their address. Appointment reminders will automatically be sent to the customer via text message and email 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the appointment.

Best Way to Get Customers to Review Your Business

Another example of email and text message automation is the review request solution in Tint Wiz which automatically sends an SMS and email requesting your customers feedback as well as automatic follow ups in the case the customer doesn’t leave a review after the first message. Having a system in place to automatically request a review from every single customer is the way to aggressively grow your online reviews which is so important for being found online.

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Software to Grow a Window Tint Company, PPF, Ceramic Coating and More

Tint Wiz window tint software is the solution to effectively manage every aspect of your window tinting business. Let our software handle the day-to-day tasks of business operations, from lead collection to quoting, scheduling, invoicing, reviews and more and more – so you can spend more time doing what you do best: Running and growing your business. Our window tint business software will help you save time, help you make more money and while providing an exceptional experience for your customers.