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How can one app revolutionize the way you run your window tint business? By helping make every single aspect of running that tinting business easier, except for the actual window tint installation itself – but that’s where you’re the expert, so no worries there.

Window Tint Shop CRM Software

And yes, using Tint Wiz, a proprietary app and computer software designed especially for professionals in the window tint business – though equally as useful for installers of PPF, ceramic coatings, paint wraps, and other similar products – really can change and improve every aspect of your operations, because it is designed to help you manage every single step of each and every window tint job you book. And that starts with helping you secure more work. It all starts with better window tint leads.

Window Tint CRM Software

Capture More Leads with a Window Tint App

First off, you may be asking yourself what is a window tint lead, anyway, and that’s OK if you’re wondering. In fact, it’s great news that you have already found Tint Wiz, because the platform is not only a breath of fresh air for tinters bogged down by existing customer manage systems, it’s a great choice to adopt right as you first start a new window tint business.

A lead is a person or a business who may well soon become a paying client – they are someone who has self-identified as interested in your business or to whom you have reached out and made meaningful contact. And Tint Wiz makes both of those possibilities easer.

When installed on your company’s website, Tint Wiz makes it easier than ever for the person to enter their information into a form (contact info and a bit of data about their vehicle type, for example), and in so doing, they change from a visitor to a lead. Tint Wiz also makes it easy for you to generate customized proposals and quotes you send out to people, thereby helping create a lead whereas before all you might have had was an email address or phone number.

Window Tint Software CRM

Manage Window Tint Quotes Via the App

Once you have secured a window tinting lead, the next thing to do is turn them into a customer, and the way you do that is by sending them a proposal for a tint install that is customized expressly for their vehicle (or their residential or commercial property). Tint Wiz makes it easy for you to comb through all the information you have collected about a given lead and send them a unique proposal and quote that will be crisp and clear and easy to understand, so the lead will be likely to commit to the work and become a customer.

Coordinate Window Tinting Schedules with Software

Unlike so much work these days, window tinting cannot be done remotely. You need the customer’s car, truck, or SUV physically there in the shop where your workers are, or you need to deploy employees to an actual location for commercial or residential tinting.

Tint Wiz makes it easy to manage the calendar of your tinting business so you can track scheduled work, employee availability, and can assign the best people to the job so that the work is done efficiently and the customer will be happy. By color coding your calendar via Tint Wiz’s customization options, you can tell which employees are scheduled and which are free, how busy your shop will be and when you have time to take on more work, and, perhaps most importantly of all, Tint Wiz makes it easy to re-schedule jobs when customers request a time change or to book a new worker if an employee has a conflict come up. And thanks to notifications built into the software, Tint Wiz keeps your team all on the same page, too.

Get and Use Reviews Thanks to Tint Wiz Automation

One of the best features of Tint Wiz is ironic in that it comes into play both with satisfied customers who work is already done and with potential new leads who may be on the fence about window tint: the review capture tools.

There is really no marketing tool more powerful than great reviews, ratings, and recommendations from happy customers who have already used your services. There are lots of ways to get reviews, like asking in person, making a call, or placing copy that asks for them on your website or social media, but the best approach is to reach out to a customer via the medium you have been liaising about a project, so usually SMS/text or email, and to request a review at a logical time. One option many tinters use is to set up Tint Wiz to automatically send a review request as soon as payment is rendered in full, because you know at that point the customer is happy.

And once you have those reviews, you can use them as marketing material. Post them to your site and social media of course, but also be even more creative and resourceful thanks to Tint Wiz. You can set up your outing messages to leads to be accompanied by a great review right there by their quote or proposal, which will do much to help convince the lead to become a paying customer.