Window Tint Business Management Software

Window Tint Business Management Software

Using window tint business management software is the best thing you can do grow your window tint and PPF business. And once you have your window tint software set up and optimized for your tint business, it will help you grow and run your business with minimal effort, too.

And when you have optimized your tint business software, you will also have the edge over your competitors, too. Window tint software lets you get back to potential customers faster than anyone else can, and that means you will get more business. Within an hour of an online request coming in, your pre-programmed tint software can send that potential customer back a professional quote that they can approve online — immediately. Almost no one else is in the tint world doing that, which means no one can match your speed and attentiveness.

Think of it like this: if a potential tint customer reaches out to three or four shops and yours gets back to them fastest and with a thorough proposal complete with rates and scheduling and a plan for which products to use, which shop will land the job? Almost assuredly yours.

Software For Window Tinting Business

Get a leg up over the competition by working smarter, not harder, when it comes to securing leads and turning leads into business. With Tint Wiz window tint software dialed in to suit your customers’ needs, you’ll be ready to close deals.

Software for Window Tinting Businesses
Tint Wiz is a Software for Window Tinting Businesses

Here are just a few of the things your window tint business software can do:

Send Quotes by Text Message

Text messages can close twice as many quotes as emails, in half the time. They are much more likely to be read than emails and can be customized for each job and optimized for maximum positive customer engagement.

Professional Quotes

Create branded professional window tint quotes that look great, share lots of details, and are customized to your customers. Your clients can review their proposals and quickly approve them online.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Send automated follow-up email and text messages for quotes you haven’t heard back on, and in so doing, close deals you might have otherwise missed.

Take Back your Time

Where can you find the time to stay on top of all the new requests your shop gets? In the Tint Wiz app, that’s where. Automate some of that repetitive office administrative work you’d otherwise have to do step-by-step every time and you’ll get a huge amount of time in your day back. You can spend that time finding new business or, of course, working on the tint jobs you have already secured.

The Window Tint App Keeps You On Top of Everything at All Times

Get admin work done on the go, so that you don’t have to work evenings getting caught up or worry about things that slip through the cracks.

Window Tint App
Window Tint App

Scheduling Made Easier Than Ever

Tint Wiz’s window tint scheduling software gives you the information you need up front, so you can make fast and accurate window tint scheduling decisions in the field. When a new job comes in, you can easily toggle back and forth between the day view or list view to see your team’s availability at a glance.

You can also compare team member schedules with team view, seeing side-by-side availability in the app that makes it easy to see who’s free and schedule (or re-schedule) jobs on the spot.

It’s this easy: just choose an available time slot, then tap to immediately start scheduling a new task or job, or moving one to serve your customer’s needs.

Notes and Attachments at the Ready

Tint Wiz software lets you easily add notes and attach files to client visits and jobs stored in the software. You can record unlimited special requirements or instructions, include photos or signed agreements, track interactions, and on it goes — whatever note or file type you need to have on record you will have.

Job Details All in One Place

Client and property information are paired up with service items and notes so that your team has a clear picture of what needs to be done. And custom forms and checklists and the ability to attach photos to jobs all help with quality assurance.

Keep the Team Up-to-Date

When you’re all on the same page, your business will run better than ever. And that will remain true even as your business grows bigger and bigger.