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You don’t need to beat your competition by lowering your price when you can offer more value by using Tint Wiz window tint business software. When you market yourself as the best window tint installer in the area, your customers expect more from your services and products. And if you can give it to them, that “more” they expect, leaving them be happy to pay for it. But the more of it all only works if you and your staff are all in on providing the best possible window tint customer service experience right from the start of the customer relationship.

In fact, the work for your window tint shop starts long before that commercial or residential window film install date: it starts with providing a clear and detailed price quote to your customer, and doing so with alacrity once they have expressed an interest in what you can offer. If you can make it quick and easy for your leads to get the project information and price quotes they need before making a decision about whether or not to proceed, you’re already giving them more than some of your competition can. And you’re making it more likely the answer will be a yes to the job.

Best Estimating & Business Software Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

How Tint Wiz Saves You Time as You Prepare Window Tint Estimates

As you enter in window and/or glass door measurements shared by your client (or measured by your techs) Tint Wiz window tint business software can, on the spot, quickly calculate the dimensions and total square feet of the surfaces to be coated with window film. There’s no need for you or a staffer to independently calculate the square footage of the glass, Tint Wiz does it for you. Simply enter the quantity, width, and height of the glass in question, and the square foot of the glass is calculated for you. Which means you can immediately move to the next step, which is talking about products available.

And again, Tint Wiz makes it refreshingly easy to factor specific products into your overall price estimate. That’s because every window film product from every manufacturer is preloaded into Tint Wiz, which means after entering the dimensions, of the windows and doors and having the square footage calculated for you, you can quickly select a window film type in Tint Wiz to create a highly customized proposal for the customer. Or, better yet, create two or three different proposals, each with its own unique benefits and costs — this will not only impress your potential customer, but is also a proven way to help secure business, as people love having a few options at their disposal.

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With the square footage to be tinted and the window film product to be used selected, Tint Wiz will automatically generate a unique, original proposal for your window tint customer, letting you send them clear, easily understood information in costs, products to be used, and the timing of the job. And you can send these job quotes however you prefer.

Tint Wiz makes it easy for you to send quotes by text message and email, letting you reach customers in the most direct manner, for example. Text messages close twice as many quotes as emails, in half the time, rigorous studies have shown.

And those texted proposals (or emailed job proposals, if that’s how the customer prefers to liaise) can come accompanied by professional quotes. Tint Wiz makes it easy for you to create branded quotes, pulled from reviews from past customers, industry professionals, and more, that customers can review and approve online.

And once you have a customer seemingly committed to a job, what’s the best way to seal the deal? The well-timed follow up. And with Tint Wiz window tint business software, those can be automatic follow-ups. You can program the software to send ab automated follow-up email or text message to any potential client to whom you sent quotes but from whom you haven’t heard back on, and by this easy but thoughtful follow-up, you will close deals you might have otherwise missed.

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About Tint Wiz Window Tint Software

About Tint Wiz Window Tint Software

Tint Wiz is a window tint business management platform for window tint businesses that keeps track of everything in one place and automates day-to-day operations, so window tint businesses can provide exceptional service and run at maximum efficiency.