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Window Tint Scheduling Software

You know the expression about how teamwork makes the dream work? Well that’s true, but only provided your team knows when to show up and get to work.

If you can assign the right staff to the right tinting jobs at times that work for your customers and you can consistently keep tint install work on schedule, then you are going to enjoy more and more sales. If you can’t keep close track of your scheduling, then you’re not only going to lose individuals sales, you are going to lose customers.

Maintaining your window tint shop’s schedule may not be the most enjoyable part of the job, but frankly it’s one of the most important aspects. With a clear sense of the work your customers are requesting lined up with the best employee specialists for each job and any materials or tools you need ordered in plenty of time for the install, your workflow is just going to be smoother, the outcomes better, and customer satisfaction higher.

Scheduling Software App for Window Tinting – Automotive, Residential, Commercial and Marine

Using a Window Tinting Booking Software

Window tint customers can be demanding when it comes to scheduling a job, but understandably so: they need their cars for daily life, so the hours or even days they are without the vehicle can be a challenge. Or you’re coming into their home or business, so they count on you to be on time.

That means you need to keep close track of all the jobs you have scheduled, of which of your employees is booked to work on what vehicle (or property), what materials needed to be ordered, and it also means you need to have a sense of the schedule of workers not already assigned for the day in case you need a backup worker in the event of a cancellation.

That alone is a lot to worry about, but what makes scheduling window tint jobs even trickier are all the many ways people liaise with your business these days. Some customers may communicate with you via text, some via email, others over the phone, and some actually in person at the shop.

Window Tint Booking Software
Window Tint Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software for Window Tint Appointments

When you entrust your window tint shop’s schedule management to a dedicated app like Tint Wiz, one of your first challenges is removed right away. Whether you book a job via app, email, phone, or in person, you can enter the information about the appointment into the app and have it at your fingertips, yet more importantly you can share it with your entire team even if they are spread across multiple locations.

Tint Wiz’s scheduling software platform offers clever functions like color coding options, so you can see at a glance what type of jobs are coming up and plan out how to handle them with employees. And Tint Wiz can also immediately inform you and your team when changes happen, which they will. The app can deliver rapid notifications if a job is cancelled or the timing is changed, and you can also program automatic notifications and reminders so no one ever forgets a job to which they are assigned.

When you use the calendar in Tint Wiz, you get the benefit of a readymade system that can then be customized to meet your window tint shop’s needs. The automated features, the reminders, the crisp and clear layout, and the quick notifications when things change, be they on the customer’s end or on your end, all mean that one of the most tedious parts of running a tint business instead becomes a clockwork operation that you can keep largely off your mind, knowing the tech you trust has got your back.

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