Window Tint Software – Best Window Tint Plotter Software?

Cutting Software for Window Film and PPF

Many window tint companies are turning to window tint softwares to increase the efficiency of their operations. Window tint softwares can be separated into two main categories, software used to cut / plot window film, PPF, vinyl, etc and software used to manage operations, such as quoting, scheduling, project management, and automations such as review requests, appointment reminders, and follow ups.

This article will focus on the window film software options for plotting window film. We’ve compiled a list of window tint softwares and key details about each.

What is Computer Cut Tint?

The term computer cut comes from the process of using a computer and plotter to cut window tint as opposed to using a blade and cutting the tint by hand. To do this, you need a window tint software that has patterns. Those patterns are created by the window tint software provider and unique to their software. A precise pattern will make for a perfectly tinted window and a poorly designed pattern will be a waste of window tint so when computer cutting window tint, accuracy of the pattern software is very very important. Most plotter window tint software allow the user to adjust the pattern and save that change for future cuts.

Benefits of Computer – Cut Window Tinting:

Save Time – Hand-cutting window film can be more time consumer than cutting a window out on a plotter.

Consistency – With the use of a proper computer cut template, you can be sure that the window film will be an exact fit every time.

Safety – Since the plotter cuts the film meaning you do not have to cut the tint on the car’s glass, there is less risk to damaging a customers windows or trim.

Save Material – Using a window tint software and plotter will help maximize the use of your window tint by reducing wasted film, saving you money.

How Much Is A Window Tint Plotter?

Plotters range from $1500 to $7500, with the top of the price range being the Graphtec FC8600 & FC9000 64″ wide plotter. Another popular plotter is the Roland CAMM-1 GR2-640($5,495) and GR2-540 ($4,495)

With back windows getting larger and larger, getting the 64″ can be the best move instead of a smaller model. Getting a 64″ plotter also opens up for possibilities for PPF being able to plot large vehicle panels, as well as order larger rolls for better nesting and in some cases price savings for ordering a larger roll.

Window Tint Software Free Trial

Most window tint plotter softwares offer a free trial so that you can test it out and make sure it meets your needs and expectations. DAP by XPEL, Core Cutting Software for Window Film and PPF, 3M Pattern Software are examples of window tint plotter softwares that offer a free trial; there are many more.

Window Tint Plotters Softwares

DAP by XPEL – Design Access Program | Pattern Software & Database

Get access to the industry’s largest paint protection & window film pattern repository. Improve your installs with precise, high quality patterns.

Tint Tek 20/20 Window Film Cutting Software

Our new generation software, the optimum choice for tint shops, car dealerships, car detailing shops… that want superior performance offers even more features to help expand your business and create more revenue streams. With your Tint Tek window film cutting software, you will have the industries largest, most comprehensive, current database of automotive window film templates. You will also have the option to design custom logos, graphics and signage for the automotive, commercial and residential markets using window film or vinyl.

Core Cutting Software for Window Film and PPF

Core offers time-saving features and a pattern verification process for more accuracy and efficiency than ever before, going beyond film-cutting software to serve as your base of operations. Core has a sleek desktop with shortcuts to save you time, but you aren’t tied down. A seamlessly integrated mobile app puts pattern lookup, installation notes and more in the palm of your hand. This is just the beginning, so get ready. The automotive film industry has never seen anything like Core before.

Film & Vinyl Designs

Film & Vinyl Designs provides industry leading cutting systems that combine all the hardware and software needed into one turnkey product – but our service doesn’t stop there. Unlike our competitors, Film & Vinyl Designs also provides expert systems training and unparalleled technical support and service so your business operates efficiently. If you’re looking for a customizable computerized cutting solution, look no further than Film & Vinyl Designs.

ComputerCut Integrated Business Systems

Interested in increased business volume, quicker job completion, efficient inventory control and entering other revenue generating business ventures? It’s all possible with ComputerCut – an internet based film cutting system that allows dealers to download patterns directly to a plotter and cut them on demand! Many types of businesses can benefit from ComputerCut integrated business system.


DigiCut revolutionized the way Auto Dealerships build profitable window-tint and paint-protection-film programs. Innovative Management Software, Unsurpassed Template Precision, World-Class Material, Industry-Leading Training

TintDepot’s Film Cut Tint & PPF Cutting Software

If you’re looking for a user-friendly piece of cutting software for your plotter, look no further than TintDepot’s Film Cut. Perfect for plotter newbies, you can use this software to start cutting your first patterns in a matter of minutes. Experienced pros also appreciate its intuitive interface, and it’s a total breeze to train new employees with Film Cut. Visit TintDepot today to learn more. Free trial is available.

3M™ Pattern and Solutions Center

The 3M™ Pattern and Solutions Center (PSC) is an advanced tool with thousands of paint protection film and window film patterns that go back over ten model years and are quality tested. With access to this cutting-edge technology, you can install faster with less waste — saving you time and money. Plus our pattern feedback system allows us to make responsive pattern corrections, so we can stay up to date on what patterns and features installers need.