Is Mobile Window Tinting Profitable?

Is Mobile Window Tinting Profitable?

Do you want to start a mobile window tinting company or add mobile tinting services to your existing business?
Mobile window tinting can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially if you live in a locality with plenty of cars. Starting a mobile window tinting business needs no formal qualifications and minimal start-up capital.
If you’re an entrepreneur in the process of starting your own mobile window tinting business, then here are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

DO: Use The Best Quality Professional Window Films

This should be a given — not just with window tinting, but with any industry. A great window tint company does their work with integrity and uses a film that will last. They know they can provide a high-quality and specialized service. Whether you’re a one-man shop or have a team of installers working for you, you need to use a quality window film. While some customers may be looking for the cheapest option, there are many others looking for a high quality window film solution that will block heat and last on their vehicle. That’s why offering a professional window film line is absolutely. essential.

DON’T: Neglect The Advantages of Online Resources

Ideally, you already have some experience in the window tint industry. But regardless of your experience level, finding the right online resources can significantly boost your skill level and educate you about new window films, tools, technology, and more. For beginners and advanced professionals, Facebook Groups and YouTube tutorials are both resources rich in information.

DO: Develop A Workload Schedule To Determine Profits

Before your mobile window tint business even opens, it’s important to have at least a tentative workload schedule, i.e., determining how many window film installations your business can handle in one day. This metric is ultimately what determines your profit margins.
For example, a mobile window tint business that tint an average of 3 cars per day, five days a week has a potential annual revenue of over $250k. But on the higher end, a mobile window tint business that can tint 5 cars a day increases that potential to over $450k. Offering high end heat blocking films can increase that potential to over $800k because higher end films can sell for double to triple a standard film.

DON’T: Neglect Systems and Processes

Systems and processes have a significant role in building a company. They serve as the essential building blocks that support business the growth of your window tint business (and employee happiness too!) The two most important factors of implementing systems and processes in your business are efficiency and accuracy. As we discussed in the previous paragraph, just a couple more cars a day can have a HUGE impact. on the revenue of your company. Using a proper window tinting software is absolutely key to efficiency and consistency to have a healthy and profile mobile window tinting business.