What Does 35% Tint Mean

What Does 70% Window Tint Mean

35% window tint means that a window film is rated to allow 35% of the sun’s light (or an artificial visible light) to shine through the window to which it is applied. In other words, 35% tint blocks 65% of light from the visible spectrum from passing through window glass. It also usually stops up to 99% of all UV (ultraviolet) light and can reduce IR (infrared) light transmission as well.

A window tint’s percentage rating refers to its Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percent, with VLT being a precise way to say: “How much light window film lets through.” The lower a tint’s percent rating is, the darker that window film. The higher the tint number is, the lighter that window tint is.

Is 35 percent tint dark?

A vehicle with 35% tint on its windows will give the car a darker appearance and will add privacy, but this tint is still easy to see through, which has made 35% VLT tint one of the most popular tint shades around. It is generally considered a medium darkness tint option, falling roughly between a very dark 5% “limo tint,” the darkest you can get, and a very common 50% VLT tint, which is a light tint that’s considered to look almost clear by most people.

Can you see through 30% tint at night?

Yes, you can. 35% VLT tint is one of the most popular window film largely because you can easily see through it after dark even though it adds great style and privacy by day. 

35% tint is legal on all windows in many states and on rear windows in most, and frankly speaking, of course this tint would not be legal anywhere if you could not see the film properly at night!

That said, it still may not be the ideal tint for you: every set of eyes is different, so some drivers might find it difficult to see through this tinting compared to lighter films or no tint at all. If it’s legal in your region, 35% VLT tint is a great choice for side windows and for the back window, but keep in mind It is never advised to put 35% tint on your front windshield – also, it is illegal to do so in most every state.

Is 35% a light tint shade?

35% tint blocks out 65% of the light, and is considered a medium shade in the tint spectrum. For comparison, 5% tint, also known as limo tint, is is the darkest tint available by most window film manufacturers. 35% is a shade that is legal for front windows in many states, making it a very very popular shade of tint.

Can you see out through 35 tint at night?

In a well lit area, 35% is a very easy film to see through which is why it is legal in many states for front windows and just about every state for back windows.