What Does 5% Tint Mean

What Does 70% Window Tint Mean

Window tint darkness is measured not by how much light it bocks out, but by how much light it lets through. And the more light it lets through, the less it blocks the view into a vehicle. (And the easier it is to see through from the inside.)

What does 5% window tint mean

5% tint darkness means that the tinted window only allows 5% of the light to pass through the treated glass, which means, of course, that it is rejecting 95% of the visible light spectrum. It’s a very dark tint indeed – no wonder that 5% tint darkness is often called “limo tint,” right?

A window tint’s percentage refers to its Visible Light Transmission rating, or its VLT. Which, as the rather complicated-sounding name is saying, again just means how much light a window film allows to transfer through it. The lower a given tint’s percentage number is, the darker the window film, and the higher the tint number, is the lighter that window tint is. So a 95% VLT rated tint? That looks almost clear.

Is 5% tint dark?

As noted, yes, 5% tint is very dark. In fact, a vehicle with a 5% tint will have windows that appear black from the outside during daylight hours or when there is any appreciable artificial light after dark.

Can you see through 5% tint at night?

5% window tint is one of the most popular tint shades for rear windows because of the privacy it offers, and where allowed it is also popular on front side windows. You can see through this dark tint at night, though it does reduce the clarity of the view some. Clear glass or a very light tinting is always the best choice for the windows a driver needs to count on the most, though dark limo tint is a great choice for the rear windows of a car, truck, or SUV where the passengers or the contents of the vehicle are best kept private.

Is 5% or 35% tint darker?

The % refers to how much light the window film allows to pass through which means 5% tint is darker than 35% since 5% blocks 95% of the light, allowing 5% light to pass through, making it darker than 35%.

Can you use 5% tint?

Whether or not you can use 5% tint on your vehicle depends on your state laws. Some states allow for any % VLT on rear windows in which case 5% could be use legally.

What does 5 percent window tint look like?

5% tint is very dark so the windows will typically look black or whatever color tone the tint has. 5% at night is dark enough that even if you cup your hands over your eyes and try to look in it’ll be next to impossible.