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All window tint businesses run into the same fundamental problems. The good news? Tint Wiz™ solves them.

There are many helpful apps and tools available, but most software out there are not designed to tackle the specific workflow and challenges that present themselves to tinters. Tint Wiz™ is a CRM app designed specifically for window tint companies. Book appointments, create proposals, send invoices, schedule jobs, manage tasks, and more.

Also available on any device with a modern web browser

Tint Wiz™ works on all devices: laptops, desktops, tablet or mobile.

Fast & Clean

Time is money. We have built the fastest and cleanest CRM available.

Works on Cloud

Your contacts, project data and files are stored on the cloud.

Secure & Private

Implements all the industry standard safeguards. Respects your privacy.

Honestly Priced

No hidden charges, no contracts, no per user pricing, no plans.

Phenomenal Support

24/7, fast, friendly and efficient support via livechat and email.

Featured Tint Wizard

Alex Kopets, ALKO TINT SHOP (Spokane, WA)

"Being organized and efficient, at the end of the day, brings you more money because you can get more work done"

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Loved by Tinters

I sent out a lead form.. client scheduled appointment, I set it up ahead of time but I added measurements as I walked through the house. I sent the estimate before I even left the house... customer was so impressed he approved it and we set a install date... on day of Install as I was cleaning up I sent my invoice and he had a check for me before I even asked! Love the system.

Jan Milburn
The Tint Shop

The Tint Wiz app was one of the best thing we introduced to the Solar Tinting Centre I wish we had been aware of the System earlier as it was great to use and you guys were very professional and great to work with, the updates you did to the App for our benefit was much appreciated. I thoroughly Recommend The Tint Wiz app.

Rowan Laurent
Solar Tinting Centre

Tint Wiz Is hands-down the best tool for managing our customers and optimizing our time. Helps us stay focused on current projects, proposals, and even our employees, it gives us back our time by eliminating time spent doing paperwork. Tint Wiz keeps us organized and efficient. Customers are often wowed by our professional quote, approval process, and invoicing. We are often praised for making the process simple, thanks to Tint Wiz.

Max El Kacemi
RC Window Films

We are a super new company coming into the tinting / window film industry. We had already started working with another CRM software company who specialized more in HVAC and plumbing services and were trying to make their application work for our flat glass company...no bueno. We were lucky enough to stumble upon Tint Wiz who has gone above and beyond any expectation we ever had.

Rob, Tyler and Shanelle
1st Line Window Films

Tint Wiz has helped us stay organized and keep track of quotes and installations. I am able to manage my employees when they are in the field and hold them accountable for their jobs.

Robert Cottrell
Rob's Custom Coatings

Everything at your fingertips & accessible 24/7 by phone, tablet, laptop. Love my Tint Wiz!

Carole Lockwood
EP Window Tint

Tint Wiz has made our operation so much more streamlined, wish we had it years ago!

Brent Caithness
Complete Film Solutions

This tool is second to none inside and outside the window tinting industry!

Mark Carlson
Edge Film Technologies
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Square Footage Calculator – Home Window Tinting & Commercial

Need to quote window film for a residential or commercial project? To figure out the price, you’ll want first want to measure the windows that need to be tinted and calculate the square foot of the glass. By calculating the square foot, you’ll know how much tint you’ll be installing, which is what you’ll base your price around.

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Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro
Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro

Kavaca Window Tint is a window film first introduced by Ceramic Pro at the SEMA 2020 virtual experience. Now just a few months later, Kavaca Window Tint is making it’s way to Ceramic Pro dealers. Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro currently has 2 series of window film available, Kavaca IR and KAVACA CS. The Kavaca CS line has two sub-series available, Kavaca CS Black and KAVACA CS Charcoal.

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Window Tint Scheduling Software
Window Tint Scheduling Software

There are many ways to run your window tint business but there is one app that brings all of it together in a way that makes your life easier and your customers happier.⁣

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Everything You Need for Your Business

Using industry best practices, we have developed a proper work-flow that will eliminate mistakes and improve your efficiency and profitability. If you strive to make your business efficient and properly organized, you will LOVE using Tint Wiz™.

Lead Generation

Generate customized contact forms you can share online or embed on your website. Automatically collect and manage your leads right from your dashboard.

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Project Management

Track all aspects of your projects from a single overview page. Store your notes, photos, measurements and more.

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Task Management

Take notes, create tasks, assign to co-workers. Communicate better, operate efficiently, get more done.

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Schedule appointments efficiently with side by side map and calendar. Automatically notify and remind customers of their appointments via Text Message and Email.

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Quotes / Proposals

Create professional price quotes / proposals for your customers in seconds. Send by Email & Text Message. Customers can approve quote with a single click.

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Invoice your customers online in seconds and keep tabs of payment status. Use Quickbooks? Seamlessly integrate with one-click.

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Inventory Management

Add and manage film rolls, print your custom labels on your film boxes, keep record of roll check-ins and outs, track what's left on each roll via weight or length.

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Cloud Storage

Keep all your before and after photos, project files, graphics, documents on a secure central location. Easily access them on all your devices lightning fast.


Get detailed reports on every aspect of your business with 30+ analytics segments on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or by any custom ranges.

Easiest Onboarding Experience

Easy To Setup. Easy to Learn. So Easy to Use

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Expecting Complicated Plans?

We have built an app that will make things simple and we mean it!

Tint Wiz™ is $100 per month, all-inclusive.

Unlimited employee accounts, unlimited contacts, unlimited projects. No matter how many users, quotes, invoices... You get the idea, $100/month total is all you'll pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay extra for more people?

No. Unlike most software, we don't charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same.

Can we add as many projects as we like?

Yes. We'll never charge you extra for more projects in Tint Wiz™.

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

No. We don't ask for your credit card up front, so you'll only be charged when you decide.

What if I need more than 30 days?

We'll give you time. Just let us know and we'll happily extend your trial.

Can we cancel at any time?

There's no minimum contract for Tint Wiz™ — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle.

What if I have more questions?

We'd be happy to answer them.