Tint Wiz will be free to use for the next 90 days

At Tint Wiz, we believe in the power of community: to facilitate growth, to bring people together, to improve outcomes.   With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) now declared a global pandemic, we recognize that some may experience interruption of business … Read More

New Youtube Series – How to Start a Mobile Window Tinting Business

YouTuber and founder of the Facebook group “Window Tinting Business” is starting his own window tinting business. The best part, he is documenting every step of the way on his YouTube channel … and I do mean every single step. … Read More

Window Tint Software for Tint Business

It seems to happen overnight: One day you open for window tinting business and the next you are too busy running your shop to keep up   How can you keep those customers happy—and the thousands more to come?   … Read More

The Tri-Edge Giveaway was a HUGE Success

  We were able to find new homes for 5000 purple tri-edge / tint wiz installation tools. Because of the incredibly huge demand these last few days, we are completely out.   If you’ve messaged us already but haven’t received … Read More

Best Scheduling Software for Window Tinting Business

As a window tinter, your goal is to get as much work done as efficiently as possible, all while continuing to provide high-quality service.   Of course, you need to consider your customers when scheduling, but you also need to … Read More

Tint Removal is Tough. Software Doesn’t Have to Be

Tint Wiz is Easy To Setup. Easy to Learn. So Easy to Use   As a Tint Wizard, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to:   ✓ The best and most efficient scheduling and calendar system   ✓ Unlimited storage of photos … Read More

Window Tinters Guide to Credit Card Processing

Unlike one finds in so many industries, the window tint profession is more of a community than a competition. Tinters from shops across town, across the state, and across the nation stay in close touch, exchanging information about the latest … Read More

How to FULLY Protect TESLA Interior for Window Tint

Customer hands you the key to their brand new Tesla. You’ll need to pull the car into the tint bay. You open the driver side door and sit down … wait a second, are you really going to sit in … Read More

Choosing the Best Yelp Categories for your Window Tint Business

Having the right categories selected for your window tint business helps consumers find your tint business and know what it’s all about. Categories will also dictate where your ads on Yelp show up (if you’re paying for ads).   Yelp … Read More

5 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Service and Increase Sales

Customer service is more important now than ever; to many it is even more important than price. To get the right experience, customers are actually willing to pay more. And for the wrong experience, well … the ripple effect can … Read More