New Youtube Series – How to Start a Mobile Window Tinting Business

YouTuber and founder of the Facebook group “Window Tinting Business” is starting his own window tinting business. The best part, he is documenting every step of the way on his YouTube channel … and I do mean every single step.

A New Business, An Experienced Tinter

While this is Patrick’s first window tinting business, he is not new to tinting. He currently is employed in one of the largest window film companies in the country and his instruction window film videos date back over 3 years on his youtube channel. In 36 months he’s amassed a staggering 12,400 subscriber by providing help window tinting application tips and how to’s.

how to start mobile window tint business
window tint installation tips by Patrick Latman on YouTube


Bringing Us Along for His Journey

For 2020, Patrick is doing a how-to series on starting a mobile window tinting business … and what better way to do that than actually starting a window tinting business. To date, there are 5 parts to the how-to series, covering the creating initial checklist of to-do’s, naming the business, filing the corporation, creating the companies logo and more.

window tinting business how to
Multi-Part Series – Starting a Tinting Business


This is a Must Watch Series for All Tinters

If you’re looking to start a window tinting business, get started on watching his videos. They are linked below.

And if you already have a window tinting business, well … you should get started watching the videos as well. You may be thinking “why would I watch someone starting a tint business if I already have a tint business”. Because there is always something to learn from other people’s experience and perspective.

Link to Patrick’s channel:

Part 1: Starting a mobile window tinting business | brainstorming ideas and making check lists



Part 2: Starting a tinting business | Business name announcement! | Plus more!



Part 3: Filing an LLC with Legalzoom | Tips at the end of video



Part 4: Starting a tinting business | Importance of keeping your cool | Starting logo design



Part 5: Starting a tinting business | Logo Options | TintWiz account setup