Revolutionizing Vehicle Wraps and Paint Protection Film: Introducing the First Ever Printable PPF

Printable PPF Paint Protection Film

A Game-Changer for Vehicle Paint Protection and Aesthetics

The world of automotive paint protection film (PPF) has just witnessed a revolution with the introduction of the first-ever printable PPF: ORAJET® 3971 GRA+ ProSlide™. This innovative product offers the best of both worlds: the durability and protection of traditional PPF with the design and customization possibilities of digital printing. In this article, we’ll explore what PPF is, the features of the new printable PPF, and how it compares to traditional gloss, satin, or matte PPF.

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear or colored polyurethane film applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect its paint from scratches, chips, and UV damage. It provides a durable barrier against environmental hazards, such as rocks, bird droppings, and bug splatters, preserving the vehicle’s appearance and value. PPF has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness in protecting a car’s paint and maintaining its original look for years.

Introducing ORAJET® 3971RA+ ProSlide™: The First Printable PPF

ORAJET® 3971RA+ ProSlide™ is a groundbreaking product that combines the durability of a premium cast polyurethane film with the ease of application and customization of digital printing. It’s a PVC-free alternative to traditional vehicle wrapping films, offering a superior degree of printability and durability for long-term vehicle wrap and spot graphic applications.

This printable PPF is designed with unique RapidAir® and ProSlide® technologies, enabling bubble-free application and outstanding repositioning features. It’s suitable for full wraps on vehicles, boat wraps, and long-term outdoor signage. The film won’t yellow or crack, making it ideal for use in extreme climates and industrial environments.

Printable PPF vs. Traditional Gloss, Satin, or Matte PPF

The introduction of the ORAJET® 3971RA+ ProSlide™ printable PPF could potentially reshape the vehicle protection industry. Here are some advantages it offers over traditional gloss, satin, or matte PPF:

  1. Customization: Printable PPF allows vehicle owners to personalize their cars with custom designs, colors, and graphics. This level of customization is not possible with traditional PPF, which comes in preset colors and finishes.
  2. Easy Application: The RapidAir® and ProSlide® technologies make the application of printable PPF easier, especially on curved surfaces. These features allow air bubbles to escape quickly, and the film can be repositioned without hassle.
  3. Long-lasting Durability: ORAJET® 3971GRA+ ProSlide™ boasts a 10-year durability (unprinted) and varying durability for printed and laminated applications depending on the climate zone. This durability is on par with or even surpasses traditional PPF options.
  4. Eco-friendly: As a PVC-free alternative, the printable PPF is a more environmentally friendly choice, reducing the use of harmful materials in the production process.

The introduction of ORAJET® 3971RA+ ProSlide™ printable PPF marks a significant leap forward in the automotive protection industry. This innovative product combines the durability and protection of traditional PPF with the design and customization possibilities of digital printing, offering vehicle owners an unparalleled level of personalization. With its ease of application and long-lasting durability, the printable PPF is poised to become a popular choice among car enthusiasts and professionals alike.