Window Tint Software To Easily Manage Your Business

Window Tint Software To Easily Manage Your Business

Using a window tint software has many benefits to your tint business. As a window tinter, you will face challenges every day, finding the right balance of quality service and revenue generation for the business. That’s where window tint management software comes in.
Without it, it will be challenging to find that balance because of the disorganization in the company. You might provide excellent services to your customers but lack the organization and work flow to maximize revenue and grow the company to its potential.
Essentially, window tint business management software will help you stay organized, quickly send quotes and invoices, track inventory, and more. With that, you can stay on top of both elements of your winodw tint business business – quality service and revenue generation.

What Happens If You Don’t Use A Window Tint Software for Business Management

Scheduling issues

Manually scheduling is a cause for two significant issues, scheduling conflicts and lack of scheduling adherence. Because of human error, the chances of risks due to manual mistakes are higher than when using management programs. Also, to no fault of their own, your employees will find it difficult to follow their schedules because they don’t have access to it in the field. Scheduling issues and mistakes lead to bad reviews and bad reviews lead to customers going somewhere else for tint.
In addition to scheduling issues, the lack of proper window tint business management software can lead to not having the right film or ladder or scaffolding to get the job done. Projects can get complex and having one accessible place everyone can store all the details for the job is absolutely key.

Communication issues

Communication is a critical component in any work setting. Clear and efficient communication is needed to ensure that the job. is done quickly and correctly. Miscommunication or lack of communication in general is common in tint companies that don’t use a complete software solution for their tint business.
Mobile tint installers, especially residential and commercial tinters often rely on paper work orders which can be confusing, hard to read, and lack important details. The sales person may forget to pass along details and cause confusion. With the wrong information (or lack of it), the installer will incorrectly do the job or work outside the scope of the service contract. Having to return for a repeat visit is a waste of time for absolutely everyone, including the customer.

Difficulty tracking documents

Paperwork can become a huge headache for companies not using a window tint software to manage the business. Finding past quotes, creating invoices, storing contracts, W9’s can all add up into mess of papers, leaving you to riffle through pages and scour folders and filing cabinets to find what you’re looking for. .
This results in wasted time (and paper), project and communication delays with customers. It is important to be able to service the customer with as few call backs and wasted time. A proper window tint software like Tint Wiz allows you to pull up any project in seconds and view every detail from what time the installer started and completed the project, before and after pictures and videos, notes, the invoice, the film used for the job. and more. Everything about the project in one place available to whoever needs it.

Benefits of Using Window Tint Software to Manage a Tint Business

Organization and time management

As your window tint business grows, so do the challenges of running the business and managing the team. The difficulty in ensuring efficiency and quality control from your team can become a significant issue for your business. With Tint Wiz every member of your company can have their own logins. We don’t charge you based on how many users you add so 5 users or 50, the price is the same. Your staff can communicate within the app, schedule appointments, add before / after pictures and videos, and do whatever needs to be done.

Fast and clear communication

As said, communication is a vital element to any business. Without proper and clear communication, a project could turn into a chaotic mess. With a proper window tint software solution, you and your team can be virtually connected.

Helps calculate bids

Correctly bidding is essential to become a profitable window business. Pricing car window tint can be rather straight forward but residential and commercial pricing can require much more work. With homes and business, known as “flat glass” window tinting, pricing is determined by the square footage of the glass which requires taking the quantity x width x height in inches and dividing by 144. When bidding on a job with 10 or 50 windows, that can be rather time consuming if you’re not using a window tint software to calculate your quote.
Tint Wiz automatically calculates your square footage for you so you can quickly enter your dimensions, select the film options for the customer, and create the proposal. With just a couple clicks the proposal can then be sent to the customer by SMS text message and email. Being able to provide a quote on the spot to the customer can often be the difference between selling the job and the customer going somewhere else. When a customer takes the time to have you come to their home or business to get a quote on tint for their windows, they expect a price quote so give the people want they want.


We are living in a mobile world and work can often need to be done from anywhere. So, it’s important that the window tint software you invest is in mobile-friendly to allow portability. Tint Wiz is an app in the Apple and Android app stores and can be accessed from any computer or device from This gives you and your team the ability to access any information needed from anywhere, even if not at the shop or office.
If you are a tinter looking for the best window tint scheduling and business management software, try Tint Wiz.

About Tint Wiz

Tint Wiz is a business management platform for window tint businesses that keeps track of everything in one place and automates day-to-day operations, so window tint businesses can provide exceptional service and run at maximum efficiency.