Square Footage Calculator – Home Window Tinting & Commercial

Need to quote window film for a residential or commercial project? To figure out the price, you’ll want first want to measure the windows that need to be tinted and calculate the square foot of the glass. By calculating the square foot, you’ll know how much tint you’ll be installing, which is what you’ll base your price around.


How to Calculate Square Foot for Window Tint Quote

To calculate the sqft of the window, first measure the width of the window (from left and right) and then measure the height of the window (up and down).
So let’s say the width is 48″ and the height of the window is 60″. To calculate the sqft of the window, you’ll multiple the 48″ x the 60″ which equals 2880 and then you’ll divide that by 144 to get 20. The 48″ x 60″ window is 20 sqft of glass.
That also means that you’ll use 20sqft is the number you’ll reference when calculating your film cost and labor.

Square Foot Calculator for Window Tint”

Figuring out the sqft of a window is fairly easy but when having to do it over and over, it can be tedious and you may even make an error. You can save time and potential mistakes by using Tint Wiz to calculate the square feet of the windows you are quoting.
Enter the quantity of windows, the width and the height and Tint Wiz automatically calculates the square foot for you, fast and accurate 100% of the time.


How to Quote a Home or Commercial Window Tint Job

Once you’ve entered in all your your measurements. You can quickly move to creating a proposal for your customer. In the project overview, scroll down from the measurements area to “Proposal” and tap “Create Proposal”
Tint Wiz will automatically calculate the measurements by whatever sq/ft price you enter in or alternatively you can enter in the final price and Tint Wiz will show you the price per sqft that it works out to.


Window Tint Software

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To get started Tint Wiz, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or go to TintWiz.com. Name and email is all that is needed to get going.