Calculating Flat Glass Window Tint Measurements: A Step-by-Step Guide

Screenshot of adding measurements in Tint Wiz flat glass window tint software

Follow this Quick Tutorial for Adding Measurements to Flat Glass Window Tint Projects, Creating Quotes, and Increasing Efficiency with Window Tint Quoting Software

Are you a window tint pro searching for the perfect window tint software to optimize your business? Look no further – Tint Wiz is the solution you need! This comprehensive window tint quoting software streamlines the management of flat glass window tint projects, helps create proposals, and enhances overall productivity.

How to Measure and Quote Flat Glass Window Tint for Residential and Commercial

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to use Tint Wiz efficiently, making it easy for you to impress clients and grow your business.

Step 1: Create a Contact with Tint Wiz Window Tint Software

First, create a new contact in the Tint Wiz window tint software platform. Although only a name and address are required for this example, it’s best practice to gather as much client information as possible. The software auto-populates suggested addresses as you type, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

A screenshot of the Tint Wiz window tint software platform, displaying the process of creating a new contact with fields for name, address, and other client details.
Creating a Contact with Tint Wiz window tint software

Step 2: Choose the Project Type

After entering the contact details, you can either save the contact or use the dropdown menu to select the type of window tint project you’d like to create.

A screenshot showcasing the Tint Wiz platform's dropdown menu used to choose the type of window tint project after entering the contact details.
Selecting a Project Type in Tint Wiz

Step 3: Add Measurements with the Window Tint Quoting Software

In the measurement section, input measurements for each room included in the project. List all the rooms you’d like to add, separating them with a comma. The software will then automatically populate the rooms within the project.

A screenshot of the Tint Wiz measurement section, illustrating the process of inputting room measurements, glass type, and strength for a window tint project.
Adding Measurements in Tint Wiz

To add measurements to a specific room, click on the room and input the relevant details. Tint Wiz automatically calculates the square footage based on the dimensions provided. Additionally, you can include information about the glass type, glass strength, and whether glass removal is necessary.

A screenshot displaying the Tint Wiz platform's user-friendly interface for entering room dimensions, glass specifications, and additional details for a window tint project.
Inputting Room Measurements with Tint Wiz

Step 4: Save Measurements

To add more measurements within the same room, use the “Save and New” option. Alternatively, use the “Save and Back” option to return to the main project view and add another room.

A screenshot highlighting the Tint Wiz proposal creation process, featuring options to select the film type, input price per square foot, and calculate the total project cost.
Creating a Flat Glass Window Tint Quote in Tint Wiz Software

Step 5: Create a Proposal Using the Window Tint Quoting Software

Once you enter all measurements, it’s time to create a proposal with Tint Wiz’s window tint quoting software. Begin by adding the type of film for the project, followed by the price per square foot. The software automatically calculates the total price based on the square footage, but you can also enter a custom price if you prefer.

A screenshot showcasing the final step of Tint Wiz's proposal process, displaying the "Save" and "Send" options for delivering a polished, accurate quote to clients promptly.
Sending a Proposal with Tint Wiz

Step 6: Send the Proposal

After completing the proposal, save the solution and send it directly to your client. This streamlined process enables you to provide clients with professional and accurate quotes quickly, increasing your chances of securing new projects.

A screenshot capturing the user-friendly Tint Wiz interface for saving and sending professionally crafted, precise window tint quotes to clients in a timely manner.
Delivering Flat Glass Window Tint Proposals Effortlessly with Tint Wiz

By following this Tint Wiz tutorial, you’ll harness the full potential of the ultimate window tint software. This step-by-step guide ensures that you can efficiently manage your projects, communicate with clients, and ultimately grow your window tint business. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your workflow and increase your productivity with Tint Wiz, the best window tint quoting software on the market.

What is Tint Wiz software?

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The software’s appointment scheduling feature is designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring you always know who will be where and when. With Tint Wiz, you can color-code your calendar by service or staff, allowing a quick view of activities at any given time. Additionally, a live map helps minimize wasted drive time by scheduling appointments close to each other.

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