Is It Bad To Put Tint Over Tint?

Is It Bad To Put Tint Over Tint?

Most professionals advise against applying new window tint over existing aftermarket window tint. There are a few reasons behind this recommendation. Primarily, the adhesive in window tint is specifically designed to stick to glass, not other window films. So, it’s a good idea to remove any existing window film before applying a fresh layer of tint.

If you still choose to layer window films, make sure to wait 1-2 weeks between applications. This allows the first layer to fully cure and bond to the glass.

Can You Tint Over Factory Tint?

When it comes to factory tinted windows on a vehicle, you can safely apply tint over the factory tinted glass. It’s important to note that factory and aftermarket tints are quite different. Factory tint is embedded within the glass itself, creating a distinct color, while aftermarket tint is a film applied over the glass, which can be removed or replaced as needed.

If you’re buying a pre-owned car, it might be challenging to determine whether your vehicle has factory or aftermarket tint. To tell the difference, carefully inspect the edges of the glass for any signs of the film’s edge.

The Verdict on Layering Window Tint

Although it’s possible to layer window tint without encountering any issues, it’s generally not advised. The existing film’s condition and the vehicle’s environment can impact the results. Keep in mind that if any problems arise, warranty coverage may likely be voided.

Manufacturers’ warranties typically become void when a film is applied onto another film. So, when deciding whether to layer tint over tint, consider removing the existing tint before installing the new window film to protect your investment and maintain your vehicle’s appearance.