How Long Does It Take To Tint House Windows?

How Long Does It Take To Tint House Windows?

How long it takes to tint house windows largely depends on the size of the windows. The most common house window size is 24″ wide x. 36″ tall. To calculate the surface area, you multiple 24″ x 36″ which equals 864 inches. Then divide by 144 and you get 6 square feet. For reference, professional window tint installers can typically install anywhere between 200-400 square feet of window film in a 8 hour day of work.

Removing existing window film can be time consuming

Also consider if your windows currently have window film on them, the existing film should be removed and the glass thoroughly cleaned before applying new window film. The removal and prep can sometimes take longer than installing the new film.

French pane windows can be amongst the most time consuming

Small pane windows also known as “french panes” can be some of the most time consuming windows to tint.
Additional factors contribute to the how long it takes to tint house window such as the cleanliness of the window and type of window frame. Wood and older metal frames can be extra time consuming while new vinyl windows won’t take as long.

Everyone works and their own pace

It’s important to point out that speed is a measure of experience or quality when it comes to window film installations. Every project is different and every installer works differently. What’s important is how the window film looks when its done.